Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux

5-11-17 been in humidor since 5-10-12

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo des Dieux (6.1 x 42)

Wrapper: Vuelta Abajo Cuba

Binder: Vuelta Abajo Cuba

Filler: Vuelta Abajo Cuba

Box Code: RUE JUN11

This cigar belongs to a box that has been aged 5 years. It was purchased with the intent on putting 5 years on it. Today is the dayHdM1.jpg


This cigar is long and elegant in scope. It is a nice tan with a smooth, almost seamless, wrapper. The cap also has wonderful construction. It is difficult to feel the edges of the leaf making it up when held. There is a very tiny bit of “give” to this cigar when held firmly. However, this give is consistent over the length of the cigar. The wrapper itself has an oily feel and a slight fuzzy feel. The band, an element added around 2005ish, is a standard Cuban Hoy De Monterrey band with red, white, and gold. This particular cigar had a blemish near the foot of the cigar about an inch up.


The unlit smell is very hey and barnyard with maybe a hint at black tea. The Band comes off with zero trouble. A lick on the cap is pretty tame. A mild sour note and a mild spice are noticed on the lips when prepping the cut. Double guillotine is used. The draw is near perfect with good air flow but some resistance.

Soft flame.

The initial puffs are earthy and musk, leaning slightly to the sweet and woody side. Through the nose, and long into the finish, is the classic “Cuban twang” that I describe as a “sharp earth” note. The finish is a variant on the musk and sharp earth. Dusty Books would a close comparison, but it does have more of a woody note. The finish is short. There is no spice anywhere to be found.

As the cigar settles in, the flavors calm down some, losing the sweeter elements. Wood and earth are the main flavors with a bit of the dusty attic on the finish. The ash falls fairly early. It did fall evenly and naturally.

The middle third has a thicker feel to it. The smoke is heavier. The flavors are deeper. There is a hint at black pepper. The finish lengthens and becomes more woody. The Cuban signature flavor profile is still there it has just become more rich. A black tea flavor comes out but it is mild and an undertone. On the back end of the middle third the black tea note enters the finish, again as an undertone. The cigar has developed into a nice medium body with hints at a spice it lost over the last 5 years. The Burn is very even, but not perfect.

The final third is much more of the dusty attic and much woodier. The black pepper note has picked up –not in the spice element, but the flavor. A sweeter note comes out and attached itself to the sharp earth flavor. This development makes the mouth water quite literally. The finish lengthens considerably and is heavy on wood flavors.

The cigar ends mostly on these notes. The last few puffs bring a warmer smoke and a bit of a spice element that throws it out of balance. It is done at the nub.

The ash falls consistently at about a half an inch. No burn issues in any way.

Time: 1hour 45 minutes.

Burn: 10
Draw: 9
Taste: 9
Aftertaste: 8.5
Construction: 10
Balance: 9
Feel: 8

Overall: 9.1


~ by kuzi16 on May 11, 2017.

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