My name is Matt, but I mostly go by Kuzi to all my cigar friends. this name is part of my handle (Kuzi16) that i use on a few cigar forums. I really keep up on three and Tend to post only on one. The cigar forums that I tend to watch are the Cigar.com Forum, BOTL.org, and Cigar Asylum Cigar Forum.

Feel Free to look for me in any of those forums.

I started smoking cigars very late in 2005 when i was 25.  I have since grown in my cigar hobby. To be honest, it has taken over my life. I don’t always have the time to sit down and enjoy a cigar but I almost always have them on my mind. I find myself consumed with cigar news, theory on how to blend, taking notes on cigars I try and comparing them. In a way it is a bit of an obsession.

I have traveled to Nicaragua to Tour Cigar Factories. I hope to get back to Nicaragua soon and learn even more. I also hope to get to other countries like The Dominican Republic, Honduras, and maybe one day Cuba.

I tend to like cigars that are Medium in body, though i have no problem with much stronger or significantly milder.

I have recently started enjoying smaller ring gauge cigars more than larger ones with one of my favorite sizes being the lonesdale.

I am open to most flavor profiles and I believe that there is an occasion for every flavor profile but in general I like cigars with less spice. I smoke very slowly so many cigars tend to lose their spice in my hands.

Some of my favorite brands are Joya de Nicaragua, Camacho, Avo, La Flor Dominicana, and Davidoff.

2 Responses to “Kuzi”

  1. I will be following!

  2. Great sight Kuzi!

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