Room101 Master Collection One

5-8-15 been in humidor s ince 6-12-14

Room101 Master Collection One Mutante (7×38)

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés Ligero Rosado

Binder: Honduran Corojo Corte #5

Filler: Honduran Corojo, Nicaraguan Habano Ligero and Mexican San Andrés Ligero.

Blender: Matt Booth

The Room101 Master Collection One is the first of (currently) three blends that are the Master Collection. The Master Collection blends bear the new Room101 logo of the cherry blossom. This is a significant symbol. The cherry blossom has a short yet beautiful life. There are holes in the outer regions of the blossom to indicate the metaphorical storms in life that cause damage. The intact and solid center of the blossom in the logo represent the nucleus and strong core of the Room101 family. This symbol of the cherry blossom will be on the highest quality Room101 products.

The Master Collection was released after Camacho decided to re-brand with the Bold Standard campaign. Part of this re-brand was to rename the Camacho factory from “Tabacos Rancho Jamastran” to “Agroindustrias Laepe, S.A.” it is still the same exact factory, just with a new name. This cigar is made in that factory, but unlike the slogan of the new Camacho line, this cigar is not intended to be one that delivers a heavy dose of nicotine.

At the time of this review, this is only the second cigar from Room101 that has a San Andres wrapper, the other being the Room101 SA. This is the eleventh cigar released by Room101

This cigar is a very rich chocolate brown and with a bit of a stretch, the rosado can be seen. The wrapper looks thick and slightly weathered, but never rough or sloppy. A slight color variation can be seen at the seems. This probably indicates the natural fermentation process. The band of silver and black dons the Room101 Cherry blossom logo. The only other hint to what this cigar is would be the word “one” on the edge of the band on the back. The cap is a classic Cuban style pigtail.


In the hand the cigar feels consistently firm from head to foot. There is a slight fuzz to it. The smell mild but has the classic maduro barnyard quality that leans to sweet. A lick on the cap is oily on the lips and has light earth flavors. A quick and easy cut with the Xi2 reveals a draw that is earthy-autumn and a light spice-drop. This spice-drop flavor lingers.

Light with a soft flame.

The light is quick and easy. Initial impressions are a mild leather with oak and a slight musk. It is incredibly smooth, having zero hint at any form of spice even with an entire puff expelled through the nose.

As the cigar settles in, a very slight citrus and cedar develop on the “high end” with the slightest hint of white pepper. Most of the pepper shows up in the finish and retrohaole. It is a very nuanced cigar with mild complexities. They are there but they are not in your face.

The middle third of this cigar has a more intense wood flavor and the pepper spreads its way into the initial flavor. The underlying leather oak and musk has lost a good deal of the musk, though it is there. A quick burst of sweet shows up in the transition from the initial flavor to the middle flavor. The finish is non-oppressive in any way, even though there is a slight spice. It is mostly leather and a light wood.

The final third has a bit more of a pulpy texture. The sweetness is still there but less of a burst and more of a fade in and out. The underlying flavors that have been present throughout are most of the flavor at this point. It is warm smoke in flavor not in actual temperature. This gives a strange impression of the sweet element. It is almost a baked fruit style sweetness. As the cigar approaches the end, it does not heat any more. It does, however, flatten out. The flavors dull and mute and muddy together. The spice comes out a bit more especially on the finish.

Burn to the burn

time 1hour 40 minutes.

Burn: 9
Draw: 10
Taste: 9
Aftertaste: 9
Construction: 10
Balance: 10
Feel: 9

Overall: 9.4


~ by kuzi16 on May 15, 2015.

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