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Over the past several years I have been cataloging cigars that I have smoked.  This catalog was designed to help me understand the world of cigars a little better. I would smoke a cigar, keep tasting notes and general information on it and use that to help me understand what it is I like about cigars. I quickly decided to post these on the forum. The forum at large helped me bring  this concept to a new level.  It has sort of snowballed from there.  So I find myself here, blogging.

I fully intend this Blog to keep in the spirit of my original catalog. This is for me. This is about my journey, as a consumer, in the world of cigars. I add the words “as a consumer” for a very specific reason:

I do not want to get anything out of this Blog other than personal understanding

I am not looking for free stuff from cigar companies. I am not looking to get into the business. I am not looking to get paid for my reviews. All of that stuff taints the process. I am looking to constantly increase my personal understanding of cigars and share what I find with anyone that is willing to listen.

Every cigar listed in my catalog was smoked once for the review. This means that it is one cigar on one day. It could be a dud, it could be a bad one, it could be the best of the bunch. Just remember if I trash your favorite cigar, it may be factors other than the cigar. It is one cigar on one day. Take it with a grain of salt.

This blog’s birth was on 1-19-12, however I have been cataloging cigars since 9-19-2006. I have 134 cigars cataloged as  of the birth of this blog.  This Blog was born with 134 posts. I feel as if I have started in the middle of things.  The further back in time one reads in the catalog, the simpler the reviews become. Its all a process. I can read my old reviews and see that what I once liked is no longer what I would consider great now. I can see my growth in both palate and writing style. Its a process. It is all learning. It is always about personal growth.

For those of you who know me, thank you for joining me here, where things can be a bit more organized than the forum.

For those of you who are new, welcome. feel free to ask questions, leave comments, agree with me, or tell me my palate is all wrong.

this should be fun.

One Response to “This Blog”

  1. Fantastic blog and thanks for sharing your journey. I am new to the cigar world, enjoy the learning process by reading reviews and appreciate your unbiased approach. Keep them coming!


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