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Don Pepin Garcia Original (Blue) Maduro (6×52)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo 99

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Blender: Don Pepin Garcia

The Don Pepin Garcia Original, or “Blue,” is the cigar that put Don Pepin Garcia on the map. It has been one of his most respected, and widely recognized cigars since its release in 2003. It has been the backbone of the DPG lineup from day one, being the base for many other blends (including the Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition) and has had limited edition sizes. These cigars are all made in the Cuban style of rolling and finished with Cuban style caps.

However, this is not the purely original blend. This features a maduro wrapper. What is interesting about this wrapper is that it is not very much different from the original wrapper, utilizing the exact same seed as the original, just a higher priming and a bit more fermentation.

There were only 630 boxes of 18 cigars, all the same size, released. This is considered a “short run production” not a “limited edition” witch made it more exclusive as far as location availability. This also keeps it from bearing a “My Father Limited Edition” band.

The DPG Blue Maduro does not look that much different than the original non-maduro version. To an untrained eye there is very little difference; the only distinction being the peach colored ribbon on the foot of the cigar instead of the typical blue ribbon. The wrapper is a bit darker but it is not the deep dark brown that is typically thought of when the word “maduro” is used. It has more of a lighter milk chocolate look to it. There are several veins that are thick and can be felt and seen on the wrapper. Even with the relatively rustic looking wrapper, there is a beautiful sheen on it.


The wrapper feels oily and fairly silky to the touch. The scent is very rich earth making it almost to compost. A lick on the cap feels oily in the mouth and has a light spice to it that lingers. The cut is easy and a cold draw has a rich chocolate, coffee, and leather flavor with a bit of spice again. The draw is firm but not tight. It is a good resistance.

Light with a soft flame.

The first draw is spicy and earthy. It is balanced from the very first draw. There is a sweet undertone that is very “wild plants” in nature. The classic Nicaraguan woody spice undertone is there with a fairly heavy emphasis on the wood aspects. The texture of the smoke feels slightly pulpy but it works well with the mild spice. Through the nose there is a bit of burn but not as extreme as one would expect.

As the cigar settles in the wood notes take on the sweetness, the spice mellows considerably, even through the nose. The earth becomes rounder and has a “fresh” quality to it. It is full in body with the flavors coating the mouth. The finish is long and contains flavors of the woody spice mentioned earlier.

The middle third of the cigar has a more defined black pepper feel to it. It is very much more refined. The woody notes still abound and the texture has smoothed out, but still has a slight pulp feel on the finish. The spice remains into the long finish residing heavily on the back of the palate. The full bodied nature of this cigar makes the pace of the smoking slow. The burn is uneven but does not require corrective lights.

The beginning of the final third has a much more earthy feel to it with more flavors of coffee and chocolate. This cigar has developed in this last third, making the experience more of a journey than the first two thirds. The finish has picked up a sweet earth flavor that is absolutely fantastic and makes the mouth water. A big consistency in the DPG Blue maduro is the retrohale. It has not changed for the entire cigar. The rest of it has developed to a degree but this has not, making the retrohale the fundamental underlying concept that ties the entire journey of the cigar together.

The end of the cigar becomes more spicy with a cinnamon kick and a good nicotine kick as well.

Burn to the nub

time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Burn: 8.5
Draw: 9
Taste: 9.5
Aftertaste: 10
Construction: 10
Balance: 9
Feel: 9

Overall: 9.3

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