Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Nicaragua

3-15-2015 been in humidor since 12-18-14

Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Nicaragua #452 (4 x 52)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Blender: Plasencia, Herklots

The Nat Sherman Brand has two distinct blends in the Timeless Collection. One is a multi-country blend constructed in the Dominican Republic (at the MATASA factory) that took the number 10 spot for CA’s best 25 of the year. This is that cigars partner in crime. Made at the Plasencia Factory, this Nicaraguan puro debuted in 2012. The blend is supposed to retain the feel of the original Timeless Collection but take on qualities that both market trends and research show people want, namely a Nicaraguan profile. The bands of this cigar and the MATASA version are the same and one must rely on wrapper leaf color to determine what blend the cigar is.

The concept of this blend started well over a year before their initial offering, during the 2011 IPCPR. The story goes that brand owner Michael Herklots was handing out cigars at the 2011 IPCPR with little cards so people would beable to give notes on what they thought of the blends. The concept of a Nicaraguan Timeless were always a part of the plan, but the focus was to get the Dominican version out first.

The Nicaraguan timeless has a dark brown wrapper with veins that have been smoothed into submission. They seem to shine in the light more than the rest of the wrapper. There is a decent press to this cigar. It seems to be done more in the style of a traditional press that creates soft corners rather than a heavy press creating sharp edges. The cream and gold band is designed to look like a watch with the hands pointing up to twelve, but instead of numbers around the dial, there are the words Nat Sherman. It is a very simple, yet good looking band.


the wrapper has a slightly fuzzy feel to it, but somehow maintains an oily quality. There is a light earth smell to this cigar that does not really throw out many dominant notes. It is over all lighter than expected given that this is a dark colored Nicaraguan puro. The lick on the cap has somewhat of a citrus note to it with the slightest hint of spice if held too long. Clip with a double guillotine. The cold draw is full of various chocolate notes that lean slightly to the dark chocolate side. The resistance on the draw is very good, leaning to the firm side.

light with a soft flame.

The first draw once lit has more spice than expected given the relatively mild cold draw. Beyond that, the opening flavors are a slight coffee, a decent chocolate, and the classic Nicaraguan woody spice. The Nicaraguan woody spice seems to be the dominant flavor early on. As the cigar settles in and evens out from the light, a slightly rounder earthy note comes into play. The other flavors are there still as well but they all seem to stem from the umami middle. The spice levels off and maintains. Its a nice level of spice if you enjoy spicy cigars, and if you dont then it is not enough to get in your way. The retrohale brings more spice with a slight burn, and a wood undertone.

The middle third brings more smokey chocolate to the table. The spice has declined to more of a pulpy feel than a flavor. Some peppercorn flavors accompany that pulpy feel. The cigar has smoothed out and homogenized to the point where flavors melt together but are not lost. None of the flavors have been a “wow” moment but all of them are solid and make sense. This cigar is a very good example of a Nicaraguan Puro.

The final third amps up the Classic nicaraguan flavors but there is a little surprise in the form of a light sweetness. This sweetness is shot and mild and only on the initial moment the smoke reaches the palate, but it adds a level of complexity that the cigar was lacking through the rest of the journey. The smoke warms ever so slightly as the end nears.

Burn to the burn

time 1 hour 35 minutes

Burn: 9
Draw: 9
Taste: 9
Aftertaste: 8
Construction: 9
Balance: 9
Feel: 8

Overall: 8.7


~ by kuzi16 on March 16, 2015.

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