Tierra Volcán


Tierra Volcán Classico (5.5 x 50)

Wrapper: Sungrown Habano Jalapa, Nicaraguan

Binder: Criollo Condega Nicaraguan

Filler: Jalapa Nicaraguan and Condega Nicaragua

Blender: Claudio Sgroi

Tierra Volcán is a brand that many of the US based readers have probably never heard of. This is unsurprising, because until recently, the cigars were only able to be found in Canada, China and Italy. They are now seen in the US due to a deal with RomaCraft Tobacco for their distribution.

Tierra Volcán is made by Mombacho Cigars in Granada, Nicaragua. Granada is not the usual location for a boutique cigar brand. It is said that the climate is both too hot and too humid to produce quality cigars. Thanks to some serious attention to detail, and some climate control, this obstacle is overcome. They now strive to produce the “world’s most memorable boutique cigar, ” using a combination of tradition and technology. All hands are made 100% by hand.

The parent company, Mombacho, takes its name from the Volcano near Granada. The name Mombacho means “Mother of our Lands” and “Tierra Volcán” ranslates to “volcano land,” paying homage to the town where their factory is located.

The Tierra Volcán is a good looking cigar with a chocolate brown wrapper and a few pronounced veins. The wrapper seems more delicate than many other sungrown wrappers, though the color feels right. The cap is even all around and looks solidly constructed. The two bands fou nd on the cigar are the same color scheme of just a deep rich yellow and brown; the brown being only slightly darker than the wrapper. The standard band displays the brand and the foot reads the name of the vitola, in this case, Classico. The foot, though bearing a footband, is unfinished and then folded over, closing it off.


The cigar feels very firm in the hand and it has some heft to it. The wrapper’s surface is silky but bumpy due to the veins. Each of the bands are extremely difficult to get off, but fortunately they are not glued to to wrapper. The foot band in particular is a struggle, and it needs to come off before the light. With great care, and some surprise, it is finally removed with no damage to the wrapper. The pre-light smell is much lighter than expected with only mild earth notes. A lick on the cap is initially sour but that quickly fades to a deep mineral/earth note that leans to calcium. After a clip of the cap there is a firm draw that, again, has earth notes, but it also has a sweeter licorice impression.

Light with a soft flame.

The closed foot makes the light slightly more difficult but only because it is difficult to see if the filler is lit evenly.

the initial impressions are a deep rich earth with round woody notes. There is zero spice at any point on the palate, but it does show up through the nose. The retrohale also includes a bit of a vegetable note. All the flavors seem to be on the “low end” of the spectrum. It is also fairly sweet. The texture is a fairly classic Nicaraguan texture with a light pulpy feel.

As Tierra Volcán settles in, a more wood impression develops. The vegetable like sweetness is heavy. All of the flavors are deep. Without the light spice on the retrohale, this cigar would feel a bit flat, or lacking. The spice is the perfect balancing point.

The middle third is smoother than the initial third, probably due to a bit too much flame at the light. A nice cedar aftertaste has developed. It is quite pronounced and leans a bit to the citrus side. The earthy undertones and general wood notes define the main flavors. These flavors fade to the previously mentioned finish. The retrohale keeps the complexity going with the added spice. The complexity of each puff and total lack of harshness sets it apart from many other Nicaraguans. This finish is long, but at the mid point does not seem oppressive.

The final third starts pretty much the same as the rest of the cigar has been. The only notable difference is that there is more of the Nicaraguan pulpy texture showing up just as the flavors transition into the finish. The cedar flavors start to wind down as the middle third progresses but never really dies. There have been zero burn issues; no relights, no touch ups, no problems and the burn is cool and slow. The cigar ends on the full side of medium.

Burn to the nub

Burn time: 2 hours 5 min

Burn: 10
Draw: 8
Taste: 9
Aftertaste: 10
Construction: 10
Balance: 10
Feel: 9

Overall: 9.4


~ by kuzi16 on January 15, 2015.

One Response to “Tierra Volcán”

  1. I love finding new and interesting “of the radar” cigars to try! Based on your palate and review, I’m going to see if I can’t pick up a few. Thanks!

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