Top Reviews 2014

This year’s reviews are done. Time to relax and enjoy the smoke, not scrutinize it.
Since there will be no more 2014 reviews, its time to look at the top reviews of the year. As with previous years, this is not the list of the highest rated new releases, but reviews. Many of the cigars reviewed this year are far from new.


5) Cohiba Siglo IV

This cigar had notes of wood, sharp earth and edemame. It takes you on a journey while retaining a cohesive and complex flavor profile.

rated  9.3


4) Avo Lounge

The Avo Lounge had musk, sharp cedar, and a soft spice. Each puff is complex and balanced with much of the complexity in the wood aspects.

rated 9.4


3) Room 101 The Big Payback

It starts out with sweet cedar, classic Nicaraguan undertones and a mushroom note.  It ends up with a light cinnamon and heavy wood. The journey between is seamless and subtle. Easily the best cigar at the price point.

rated 9.4.


2) Smoking Jacket 

This new release is unique with notes of “candied cedar” that turns into a caramel style sweet later in the cigar. Wood and earth tones with hints of spice through the nose are enjoyed. The finish is perfectly short.

rated 9.5.


1) Avo 88 LE14

This is the second year in a row that the annual Avo LE has held the top spot in this countdown. This years boasted flavors of toasted wheat, umami musk early in the cigar. As it develops notes of peat, wood and mushrooms with a black pepper and clove flavor growing near the end. The finish throughout is long and woody. Complex in each puff and through the length of the cigar.

rated  9.5.



~ by kuzi16 on December 18, 2014.

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