Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

9-2-2014 been in humidor since 12-19-2007

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Romeo y Julieta is on of Cuba’s best selling brands. Habanos S.A. classifies the brand as a “global brand” with a major market share. Romeo y Julieta has been around since the 1850s, but officially since 1873. The 1875 year that is usually associated with the brand is the year that their range was first considered “fully established.” This was by no means their height of production or variation. There are rumors of hundreds of different sizes and blends that were made as customs for wealthy customers in the early years.

The success of the brand overall made this cigar a shoe in to continue post Cuban revolution. Since that point the band has remained successful with about 50 different vitolas up through the 1980s. Since then, the numbers have been roughly cut in half, but with 20 plus vitolas out there from the brand it is still a very popular/large brand.

This popularity and volume is why it is strange that the brand did not have a classic robusto vitola of 4.9 x 50 (the closest thing was the Exhibición No.4 at 5 x 48) In recent years the Robusto has been one of the best selling sizes on the market for just a bout every brand. In 2006 at the 8th Annual Habanos Festival in Havana, Cuba, Romeo y Julieta corrected the lack of a robusto on a permanent basis with the release of the Short Churchill.

This particular Short Robusto has been in the humidor since December of 2007 giving this cigar almost 7 years of age. This is an early example of this vitola, sold under two years of the initial release. There is no box code available for this cigar.

The Short Churchill comes either in a standard dress box or in aluminum tubes. This particular cigar is the aluminum tube version. The tube itself feels high quality with the top fitting very tightly over the base. The styling is in the red, gold and white that the marca is usually dressed. The cigar itself has not only the classic Romeo y Julieta band, but also a gold, embossed band with the name of the cigar on the front. The cigar itself is a light tan with a few random veins. There is a small crack on the foot of the cigar that looks more or less innocuous


In the hand, the Short Churchill feels oily and very smooth. The cigar has a very light scent to it. Some of the notes are borderline floral. A lick on the cap is also very light with a bit of a light sour note that fades to spice. After a cut with a double guillotine, there is a draw that is on the tight side. It is not going to cause any issues beyond being mildly distracting. The flavors of this tight draw are on the sweeter side of licorice and they also have a floral quality. The cold draw flavors are light and delicate.

Light with a soft flame.

The initial flavors are slightly sweet- approaching a dark chocolate. There is a middle flavor of cedar that sits on the palate through the finish. Through the nose there is the classic Cuban sharp earth but it is mild and hides behind a fair amount of musty cedar. It is quite pleasant and balanced. However, it is short of amazing and seems to be missing a bit of a “wow” factor.

As the cigar settles in a very light spice enters the mix on the finish and is hinted at on the retrohale.

The middle third has taken more of an earth tone. The cedar notes have also picked up. The finish flattens out quite a bit and has less of a wood or cedar note and leans more to a dry cardboard flavor. This is a very short note and is also very light, but it is still quite disappointing. The retrohale is still the most enjoyable part of the cigar, with classic Cuban sharp earth, and wood notes. It has zero burn through the nose and no harshness at all left on the palate.

The final third seems to have a slightly warmer smoke. The smoke is not actually hotter, but it seems to be a bit of a red pepper spice that gently makes an appearance at every point of the puff– from the initial draw, to the retrohale, to the finish. This does add a level of complexity that this cigar was lacking to this point. However, the very light cardboard flavor can still be noticed from time to time. The classic Cuban notes on the retrohale have faded and are almost non existent. The burn is slow and perfect all the way down.

Burn to the nub

time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Burn: 10

Draw: 7

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 8

Construction: 8

Balance: 9

Feel: 8

overall: 8.4


~ by kuzi16 on September 2, 2014.

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