Room 101 Master Collection Two

6-2-14 been in humidor since 3-18-14

Room 101 Master Collection Two Papi Chulo (4 x 42)

Wrapper: Criollo

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua

Blender: Matt Booth

This cigar is the second installment of the Master Collection series, and it is a very different cigar than the Master Collection One. This is not the same cigar with a different wrapper. The only thing that the two blends really have in common is that each collection features the same sizes.

The Master Collection lines of cigars is designed to be the premium cigars within the Room101 brand. They are released in Silver and Gold color schemes for the One and Two respectively.

The philosophy of the Master Collection Two is noted during its release in Room101’s statement:

“Paper Chase Incorporated is proud to offer you a product witch is the direct result of five years of ball busting work, sacrifice and investment of the monetary, spiritual an psychological nature encapsulated in this piece of handcrafted art that you are about to ingest by fire

While you enjoy this product is a calm moment, know that you are indulging in the most physical representation of the American dream. A young team of creative an industrious minds have taken a stand to make something of themselves”

This is a small cigar. The “Papi Chulo” (translates roughly to “pimp daddy”) vitola is smaller than a corona, making this an outcast in the modern over the top huge cigars. The band is gold on gold with a cherry blossom embossed in the the center. The wrapper looks thick making the seams very visible. The color of the wrapper is a dark tan with a fair amount of smaller veins running in every direction.


The cigar feel heavy for its size and it has a very firm feel to it. There is some tooth to the wrapper giving it a very mild sandpaper feel to it. The smell is sweet and hay with a hint at what could be spice. A moistening of the cap has an oily feel with a sour note. Once cut with the double guillotine a woody and raisin flavor comes through a draw with near perfect resistance.

Lit with a soft flame.

the first few puffs are mushroom and cedar with a very mild pepper. Through the nose is where most of this comes through. The initial flavor is a bit earthier. As the cigar settles in there is a strange quality of flavors. Unlike many cigars where the spice lingers into the finish, this cigar has most of the spice on the middle flavors and it fades as the finish kicks in. the initial flavors are graham cracker and malt with the spice fading in early. The spice fades into a general warmth that is similar to the smell of slate. The finish is earth and mushrooms. This is all very unique.

One thing to be noted at the beginning of the middle third is that the cigars seems to smoke slower than it should. It burns very slowly but somehow also puts out a ton of smoke. The flavors in the middle third are sweeter over all. The malt flavors are very well balanced with the graham cracker and the pepper. There is little “journey” to this point in the cigar but there is no need because the flavors are well done and the cigar is very small. The only downfall is that the cigar tends to go out fairly easily.

The final third brings on warmer flavors with a cinnamon-like sweetness taking over and the graham cracker intensifying. Through the nose is a stronger hint at spice but never quite reaches it. It is still very balanced.

Burn to the burn

time: 1 hour 40 minutes

But in reality it is less than that. Two times the cigar went out and this slowed things down quite a bit.

Burn: 9

Draw: 9

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 9

Balance: 10

Feel: 9

overall: 9.1


~ by kuzi16 on June 2, 2014.

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