My Father El Hijo

5-28-14 been in humidor since 9-28-11

My Father El Hijo (5.5 x 52 box pressed)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano (2009)

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Blender: Jamie Garcia, Don Pepin Garcia

This cigar was released in August 2011 to help celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Smoke Inn. It was the third release of a four cigar “Microblend Series” that came out quarterly. The first was the Tatuaje Anarchy. The second was the Padron 1964 SI-15. The fourth was Arturo Fuente Solaris. Each of these blends was made in extremely limited quantity. There were just under ten thousand El Hijos made for 650 boxes of 15.

El Hijo translates to “the son” with is fitting for the theme of the company. This is a short run that is effectively the offspring of the original My Father blend, making the name even more fitting. The blend is pretty much the original My Father blend with a different wrapper. The wrapper on this cigar is a special limited harvest from 2009.

The El Hijo is good looking cigar despite the wrapper being a bit rustic and veiny. Part of the reason is the quality of construction. Everything is neat and tidy. The seams are difficult to find over the length of the cigar and even the cap is relatively difficult to see. However, when the seams are found they look to lay flat. The cap is smooth and perfect. The foot of the cigar is left a little shaggy. Its not a “true shaggy” foot because it is clipped to a specific length, but there is almost a quarter inch of the foot not covered by the wrapper.

The Bands are intricate. The main band is the standard My Father brand band. The secondary band features the name of the cigar in black on a dark brownish orange background.


in the hand the cigar feels silky smooth. The box press is not very sharp and it is very comfortable to hold. The smell of the cigar is light but it is barnyard. A moistening of the cap has little to offver but a very mild sweet and a touch of spice. It does feel oily on the lips and tongue. The bands do not come off nicely; a minor fact , but one that is a pet peeve of many. A clip with a double guillotine brings a draw that is almost too firm. It is still manageable, yet still very firm. It has an earth and licorice flavor when cold.

Lit with a soft flame

The first few puffs that are all filler and binder are musky and a bit sweet. There is also a hint at black pepper. This initial flavor only lasts about three puffs. Then the wrapper starts to burn. A sweeter more mouth watering flavor emerges on the initial flavor. The sweet is on the caramel side but very mild and refined. A toasted wheat bread note is there in the middle flavor and so is a light roasted note. Through the nose there is a musky leather with some spice. The finish, witch actually starts in the middle flavor is a black pepper. The finish fades both in and out gradually. It hangs on a little longer than what would be ideal. Throughout, the smoke has a very light dose of the pulpy texture that Nicaraguan tobacco has. Though the draw continues to be an issue, it is not bad enough to stop, and it does not need to be run through with a draw poker.

The ash holds on for well over an inch and a half. This is just about the beginning of the middle third. The black pepper notes have faded dramatically. The Pepper is now mostly a hint. The earth notes pick up and the sweet is still very subtle and on the caramel side. The toasted bread notes in the first third have picked up a nutty tone. The retrohale is mostly the same but the finish has picked up some of the earth and some of the caramel. Each puff has subtle transitions that are quite enjoyable and encourage holding and savoring the smoke. This does promote the light spice notes that remain and this rounds out the balance of the cigar quite nicely. The burn is not flawless but issues seem to fix themselves quickly. The draw is still the same.

The final third is more woody and leather. It is very smooth with the only texture being a slight pulp in the finish. Through the nose it has not changed. This has tied the cigar together from the first to last third. It is a steady point in a more complex cigar. As the final third moves along the spice picks up slowly. By the time it is a nub a warm spice lingers and is most of the flavor. The finish becomes dry.

Burn to the burn

time 2 hours 25 minutes.

Burn: 8

Draw: 8

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 9

Balance: 10

Feel: 10

overall: 9.0


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