San Cristobol de la Habana La Punta

San Cristobol de la Habana La Punta(5.5 x 52)

Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Box Code: MLO SEP 11

The San Cristobol de la Habana marca is a post-revolution brand that began in 1999. It takes its name from a very pre-revolution source, the original name of Havana. The city was originally named after St Christopher. This city was the way into the Island and was protected by four forts. Each of the four original regular production cigars in this line were named after one of the forts protecting the city.

This particular cigar is named after the fort Catillo San Salvador de la Punta. This fort protected the opening of the bay of Havana Cuba. The castle begins its history in 1559 when lookouts were posted there. In 1582 it was actually built and became one of the main fortresses in the area. It sits directly across the bay opening from Morro Castle. El Morro is the largest vitola of the line.

Though the naming of this cigar has many historical ties to the island, this cigar is in no relation to the pre-revolution cigar brand of the same name. San Cristobol de la Habana cigars all use tobacco grown in the premier tobacco growing region of Vuelta Abajo and are made in the La Corona Factory.

The cigar is a classic Cuban Pyramid shape. It is a medium tan in color, not unlike a brown paper bag. The wrapper seems thin and frail, with a few chips around the foot. The band is cream and brown and gold


The wrapper has a very slight tooth that only is noticed when held. There is a light earth and licorice smell to the cigar unlit. The lick on the pointed cap has a drying effect and a flavor that can only be described as“autumn afternoon” that fades into a slight spice. After a clip with a double guillotine there is a nice draw with notes of baking spices, cinnamon, clove. This aspect is quite enjoyable.

toast with a soft flame.

The first few draws are a soft woody flavor with a very mild white pepper. Through the nose there is the unmistakable sharp earth that comes from Cuban tobacco. The finish is this sharp earth but it fades into a dusty musk. The flavors are light and balanced with little finish.

As the cigar settles in there is a very nice cedar note that develops as the main flavor. The soft white pepper remains and mixes nicely with the cedar. The finish picks up an earth note, again with clove impressions. The retrohale is where this shines. The white pepper comes out more but with zero burn as it is pushed through the nose. The sharp earth falls to the background in the retrohale. The balance of this cigar is excellent.

Entering the middle third, the cigar becomes much more cedar in nature. A slight salt that fits well with the soft white pepper develops. Much of the earth has shifted to the nutty side of things.It is still unbelievably smooth even through the nose.

The final third is much like the middle third save for a mild coffee like bitter added to the mix as the smoke is expelled. The nutty flavors come on stronger as well, mostly in the finish. The last few puffs are slightly warm and the slightest hint of harsh is signal that the cigar is done

burn to the nub

Time 1 hour 50 min

burn: 9
draw: 9
taste: 9
aftertaste: 9
construction: 9
balance: 10
feel: 9

overall: 9.1


~ by kuzi16 on April 29, 2014.

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