Ramon Bueso Odyssey

4-16-2014 been in humidor since 1-29-2014

Ramón Bueso  Odyssey Toro (6×50)

Wrapper: Honduran Grown Connecticut seed

Binder: Jamastran Honduras

Filler: Copan Honduras, Ometepe and Condega Nicaragua, Cibao Valley Dominican Republic.

Blender: Ramón Bueso

The Odyssey is Bueso’s second official release for his namesake brand. Given the acclaim of his first release (Genesis, the Project) in many reviews and on cigar forums, the follow up release has come with some pressure. This pressure is not unwarranted. There are plenty of cigar manufacturers that show up with plenty of acclaim only to fall off the map.

Strangely enough, the companies that brought him to fame may hold him back. Cigar.com and Cigarsinternational.com are sister companies that helped bring Ramón Bueso to light a few years ago. This may have inadvertently held him back among the “anti-internet-cigars” crowd. Many large online cigars retailers often have house blends and brands that go unnoticed or fly under the radar simply because they are house blends or house brands, and that belief that house brands are inherently inferior limits any greatness that may have otherwise propelled them forward. If this attitude is to be overcome, it will have to be done with overwhelming consistent quality, and blending on a level few can achieve.

Should these things be accomplished Ramón Bueso may not just be a flash in the pan. There have been other brands that have gone from being brands only from one retailer to national acclaim. AJ Fernandez is a prime example, and he was also brought out of the shadows by Cigar.com and Cigarsinternational.com. It can be done.

There are facts that point in the direction of success. One of the most notable facts is that Bueso has been a part of the cigar and tobacco business since he was a child with ties to such famous names such as Angel Oliva, Frank Llaneze, and Nestor Plasencia. The pedigree is there. Genesis, the Project is a great start. The Odyssey is the second attempt.

The wrapper is very light in color, as would be expected out of a Connecticut seed, however there are dark spots and the wrapper is hardly uniform in color. The light wrapper almost looks beat up. The veins are minimal and the construction looks tidy and neat, especially the cap. It looks expertly crafted and feels smooth to the touch. The band is mainly white and a deep wine in color. There is gold script indicating the name of the cigar across the bottom of the band.


The smell of the cigar is slightly spicy with a very light fruit quality. It all very light. The lick of the cap feels smooth in the mouth, again the quality of the cap application shows here. The lips and tongue cannot feel the cap in any way. The flavor of the tobacco is mildly grassy and fresh. After a clip with a my Xi1 cutter, I have a perfect draw with very mild flavors of anise or clove. It is slightly sweet and fleeting.

A toast and light with a soft flame starts this cigar up. The first few puffs are on the grassy side. The retrohale has a musky chlorophyl flavor with a fair amount of burn if too much smoke goes through the nose. There are some woody undertones on the finish with a reach for spice, but it falls short of spice. The finish is very long, almost too long. There is a spicy anise flavor that creeps in after a few puffs. A sweetness on the nutty side develops a few puffs in on the initial flavor. It is a very strong but very short flavor, mostly as the draw is actually happening. As soon as there is no more “new smoke” entering the mouth the strong sweetness stops.

The middle third is more on the medium side than the first third. The nutty sweetness is mixed with a great woody note that lingers into the almost spicy finish. There is a round complexity per puff that is wonderful and woody. A light roasted coffee note fades in and out. A nice cinnamon flavor holds the sweet and the wood together very nicely. The smoke feels thick. The burn has been flawless. The complexity of the puffs seem to increase as the cigar moves along. It is not the traditional “journey” that cigars can have. It builds on itself without losing anything. It adds flavors, but never loses them.

However, The finish is still a little too long. It is not as clean of a finish as one would hope.

The final third adds on flavors of dark honey and gram cracker. The roasted notes continue, but with less then an inch and a half left flavors start to fall off. The cinnamon fades quickly and first. The light grass is next and soon all that is left is a woody spice that feels like a light Nicaraguan cigar. The Odyssey never heats up and never becomes harsh. It just slowly loses complexity very near the end.

Burn to the burn

time 1 hour 50 min

burn: 10
draw: 9
taste: 9
aftertaste: 8
construction: 10
balance: 8
feel: 9

overall: 9.0


~ by kuzi16 on April 16, 2014.

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