La Flor Dominicana Factory Press IV

3-31-14 been in humidor since 11-22-11

La Flor Dominicana Factory Press IV (6.5 x 60)

Wrapper: Mexican Maduro

Binder: Ecuadorian

Filler: Dominican (La Canela Farm)

Blender: Litto Gomez

The fourth blend of the Factory Press was released in Late November of 2011. This time around La Flor Dominicana used a Mexican wrapper, which is something that separates it not only from all other Factory Press editions, but all other cigars the brand has to offer. This changing up the wrapper should be expected to a degree because each Factory Press edition actually has its own unique blend and one single size. The IV comes in at a monstrous 6.5 x 60. This ties it in size with the first release of the Factory press (2005), and makes it larger than either the II (6 x 54) or the III (6.25 x 58).

The original concept behind the Factory Press was not just an extreme box-pressed cigar; It was to show how the process of box pressing a cigar to this degree is done. Each box of Factory press is the actual press used in the factory to press the cigars. The cigars are put into the box when still wet immediately after the roll and pressed to shape. The press is designed specifically to create a very well defined corner with some describing it with “sharp” edges. This is accomplished by having the press be a mold for each individual cigar.

This differs from the original box press cigar. It is theorized that in Cuba, cigars that were box pressed were wet packed in the retail cigar box just after rolling. The pliability of the cigar itself and the force of the cigar pushing on each other in the box would gently flatten the cigars on all sides making the cigar a box shape with rounded corners.

This particular Factory Press has been resting since 11-22-11, just days after release. The edges are still sharp and the band is creased along the edge of the press. The sides are not as flat as the day it came out of the box, but the curvature is very slight. The press has stuck with it. The wrapper has an oily sheen and a slightly oily feel. It is dark and fairly even in hue. This cigar is very large. The size and extreme press, in conjunction, make this a relatively difficult cigar to hold in a relaxing manor.


The smell of the cigar before it is lit is a bit on the sweet side but it also has a very light compost note. It is all very light in nature, especially for La Flor Dominicana, who is known for strong cigars. This is probably due to some of the age of the cigar. The lick on the cap is very oily on the lips and tongue. The flavor is barnyard and the feel of the oils linger on the lips. It slowly turns to spice. The clip with the Xi1 is a bit difficult because of the massive size and box press combo, but there is a reward when the cold draw is taken. The flavors are rich and earthy with hints at clove. It is slightly firm.

The toast with a soft flame takes quite a while not only to toast but to ensure an even light. Once evenly lit and puffing commences, there are leathery flavors with a light vegetable style sweetness. Quickly an oak undertone develops. It is there through each part of the puff through the retrohale and lingers into the finish. The main flavor of the retrohale is musty and oak.

As the cigar settles in there is a slight spice note on the retrohale, but overall this cigar is incredibly smooth. The Oak quality is very enjoyable.

By the mid point the oak has changed over to a more cedar profile in the first half of the puff but on the retrohale the oak can still be noticed. A hint at clove has entered the mix. The burn is by no means perfect but not a single touch up or relight has been needed. The flavors are smooth and enjoyable but decidedly less intense than other LFD offerings. This could be due to just over two years of age or it could be blended to be slightly less intense. The body is still full but the flavor is just shy of.

The Final third is a spicier version of the middle third and the leather notes come back slightly. All the wood notes have calmed down considerably. It has built in body and it can be felt in the gut slightly. The cigar is still balanced and smooth but there are no new elements to it that can be considered a point of interest.

Its unclear on if the cigar is past its prime or just not dynamic originally. LFD has put out better offerings, especially from limited edition cigars.

Burn to the nub

time: 2 hours 40 min

burn: 9
draw: 9
taste: 8
aftertaste: 8
construction: 10
balance: 10
feel: 8

overall: 8.8


~ by kuzi16 on March 31, 2014.

One Response to “La Flor Dominicana Factory Press IV”

  1. One of my favorites from La Flor

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