Smoking Jacket

3-19-14 been in humidor since 2-13-14

Smoking Jacket Robusto Imperial (5×52)

Wrapper: Brazilian Cubra

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian

Blender: Hendrik Kelner Jr.

The Smoking Jacket was first seen at the 2013 IPCPR in the Davidoff booth. This is hardly a surprise since Hendrik Kelner Jr is the son of Davidoff’s master blender and he worked at Davidoff for 20 years. The cigar is only being distributed through Davidoff and is And is otherwise an independent Kelner Jr project (though there are rumors of Kelner “Family tobacco”). The cigar is being made in a new factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic called Kelner Boutique Facroty. This is the first cigar released by the factory.

This cigar has two separate wrappers depending on vitola. The Favoritos (6 x 46) and the Short Robusto (4.5 x 56) have Dominican Couti wrapper and the Toro Magno (7 x 50) and the Robusto Imperial (5 x 52) have a Brazilian Cubra wrapper. This should give very different experiences depending on the vitola being smoked.

The Robusto Imperial was the last to be blended. It was actually completed at one point and a few of them made it out into the hands a few lucky souls, but this is not that blend. This cigar was re-blended after rumors of it release started. Kelner Jr explains that the original blend for this size was good but there was a need to make it better. So they did.

The wrapper of this cigar is about the same hue and color as a brown paper bag. There is a light tooth to it. The seems are difficult to see and lay near flat. The head is very rounded and the triple cap looks flawless and smooth. A red, black, and gold band with the lapels of a smoking jacket adorn the front. On the glue side of the band in white script the words “Smoking Jacket” identify the cigar.


the cigar is very firm in the hand and the slight tooth feels like a soft sandpaper. The bouquet is old wood and maybe a bit on the bakers chocolate side. Moistening the cap brings a slightly tart and spicy flavor under the wood notes that are already there. Cut with a double guillotine. The draw has the right amount of resistance and is full of coco and roasted grain flavors.

Toast and light with a soft flame.

The first few draws are deep roasted notes with a sweet feeling. The sweet notes are on the woody side. Through the nose there is some light spice.

As the cigar settles in the sweeter wood notes are abundant. There is a very earthy undertone to it all. These flavors are intense and seem like they are trying to become a spice note. However, the only place spice actually shows up is through the nose. The retrohale is a sweeter version of the classic Nicaraguan profile. The sweet is very difficult to describe. The closest comparison is a “candied cedar” flavor. The Peruvian tobacco is prime suspect for this woody sweetness.

By the middle third, the flavors seem to fit together very well. The balance is well done and the sweetness, now almost caramel in feel, rounds the wood out and lingers to keep the hint at spice from becoming too much. The finish is relatively short but if it was longer it would be too much. The flavors are not anything that cannot be found other places, but the balance is just remarkable.

The final third builds some. There is almost a cinnamon quality added to the initial flavors. The sweet makes this work. The finish has picked up a note of spice that is boarder-line harsh. Even with this, the cigar is still quite enjoyable. Beyond that this last third is uneventful. Not a bad thing. Why change something good?

The cigar ends this way.

Burn to the nub

time 1 hour 45 minutes.

burn: 10
draw: 10
taste: 9
aftertaste: 9
construction: 10
balance: 10
feel: 9

overall: 9.5


~ by kuzi16 on March 19, 2014.

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