Regius Robusto

2-10-14 been in humidor since 10-10-13

Regius Robusto (4.875 x 50)

Wrapper: Shade-grown Nicaraguan Rosado

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Blender: Don Ricardo, Nestor Plasencia

Regius cigars have only been available in the US since about 2011. Before that time the owner, Akhil Kapacee, was distributing to the Asian and European markets. This means that this cigar was competing directly with Cuban cigars. To many this may seem like a no-win situation given the reputation of the island south of Miami. However, this is exactly the competition the good people at Regius were ready to take head on. They believe that Nicaragua has grown in tobacco cultivation and cigar manufacturing so much that they are on par with the product coming out of Cuba. Not only was this cigar was designed to compete with Cuban cigars, it was designed to have a bit of Cuban flavor using zero Cuban tobacco. This could help explain why it was able to survive in Europe and Asia.

There is a method to make this happen. The first choice was to make the cigars in the Plasencia Factory. The Plasencia family is considered one of the major dynasties in cigar making. The family started in Cuba and when they were forced off of their land and out of the country by the hostile Castro regime, they settled in Nicaragua and Honduras. Not only is the family heavy in pedigree and tradition, but Nestor Plasencia has a degree in Agricultural Engineering. They know what they are doing.

The Next choice that was made to help Regius compete with the Cuban cigar market was what tobacco was being used. The tobacco itself has been taken care of. From the soil being analyzed in a lab previous to planting, to a highly controlled curing process, to a 15 year aging process for some of the bend, there is care and love in every step.

This effort produced good results and created success in markets dominated by Cuban cigars. In 2011, in a deal made with SAG Imports (“Sobrinos de Antero Gonzales” or “Descendants of Antero Gonzales,” better know as Quesada), the brand came to the US.

This Cigar comes in a metal tube with black and gold a red color scheme. Across the top of the tube is the brand name and under that are the words “Arbiter Elegantiae” inside a rendered ribbon in black. This is a reference to Gaius Petronis Arbiter who was considered to be authority of elegance and taste by the decadent Nero, of Roman Empire fame. The lip of the tube is also gold in color. The presentation of this tube is wonderful. Once open, the color scheme and branding are mirrored on the band. The wrapper is a light brown with a touch of a reddish hue and has a bit of a sparkle to it. The triple cap is beautifully done.


The wrapper feels smooth and oily. The smell unlit is very mild. The lick on the cap is also mild but slightly sour. When held in the mouth momentarily a light spice makes an appearance. After a clip with a bouble guillotine I have a very slightly firm draw with an extremely light spice and a light dried fruit flavor. The subtlety of the flavors is actually what is noticed. It is all very clean before the light.

light with a soft flame.

The first few puffs are a relatively sharp cedar with an undertone of spice. There is a slight sweetness that starts to emerge by the fifth puff or so. This quick change in flavor is usually indicative of a hot light. Once the cigar is settled in a slight floral note comes in. The dominant flavors are still woody and spicy, a typical Nicaraguan flavor profile.

The middle third is a bit rounder overall and any hint on harshness is gone but there is no further development. The flavors are decent but there are no real dynamics. The good news is that the spice is not too much. It is smooth, even with some through the nose. The wood notes are sweet and sharp. However, if the intent was to create a Cuban feel from a non-Cuban cigar, then this is a failure. If the point was to make a quality Nicaraguan cigar, then this is a relative success. It is just not anything special so far.

The final third is identical to the first two. Still the flavors are nothing amazing but they are not bad. The real “problem” with this particular cigar is that there is no journey or dynamics over the course of the cigar. It is a one note song, and that note is not anything that sets it apart from other cigars. The flavors are decidedly mediocre. The plus side is that there are zero burn or construction issues. It is a well made cigar.

The cigar goes out at the nub due to inattention. The flavor does not bring you back puff after puff.

Burn time: 1 hour 45 min.

burn: 10
draw: 9
taste: 7
aftertaste: 7
construction: 10
balance: 7
feel: 7

overall: 8.1


~ by kuzi16 on February 11, 2014.

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