Top Reviews 2013

With the holidays upon us and time being short, this year of reviews is over. It is time to look back on some of the best cigars I had the pleasure of reviewing. Not all of the cigars were released this year, but they were reviewed this year. Here are the ones I enjoyed:


5) La Barba Corona

This cigar had wood and earth undertones with floral and black tea notes on top. The cigar is nuanced and complex and this new brand is one to watch for.

rated 9.4 of 10


4) Avo XO Notturno


This staple for Avo brings on flavors of cream and wood with the signature musk found in many Kelner blends.  it is a very flavorful mild to medium body.

rated 9.4 of 10


3) Rodrigo La Fortaleza Absoluto


This Dominican puro bring licorice, umami, and a soft cinnamon-like spice to the palate. it is a very interesting cigar for a relatively young company.

rated 9.5 of 10

2) CLE Corojo Corona Gorda


This cigar marks the return of Christian Eiroa to the cigar business and delivers Floral and “autumn” notes with a good black pepper. Later in the cigar the flavors shift to a nuttier undertone.

rated 9.5 of 10


1) Avo The Dominant 13th

Each puff has the wood, earth, musk, and cola flavors, making it a complex cigar. The subtlety and refinement of this cigar is impressive for any cigar, let alone a cigar on the fuller end of the spectrum.

rated 9.5 of 10





~ by kuzi16 on December 20, 2013.

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