Ezera Zion Eminence

12-12-2013 been in humidor since 10-12-13

Ezera Zion Eminence Exquisito (box pressed 6.25 x 52)

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro

Binder: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan

Binder: Cuban Seed Nicaraguan

Filler: 1999 Cuban seed Nicaraguan Viso, 1999 Cuban seed Nicaraguan Viso

Blender: Arsenio Ramos (Casa Fernandez)

2012 and 2013 have been very kind to Ezera Zion Cigars. In 2012 they were a hit at the the 2012 IPCPR with the Jamais Vu (“Inception” at the time) and soon signed on for distribution with Griffith’s House of Emilio cigars. They then released their next line named the “Honor Series” with much acclaim. 2013 saw the release of their first limited edition named “Tantrum.”

Their latest blend is named Eminence. It is their fourth blend released and third core line. There are a few firsts with this cigar. It is the first cigar Ezra Zion has put out that is not a Nicaraguan puro. It sports a Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper. This makes it the first cigar that Ezra Zion has released with a Maduro wrapper.

But there is really no reason to fear the firsts. Casa Fernandez seems to do well with the wrapper. The people from Ezra Zion also claim to blend the cigar so it is not as “dry” of a smoke as many other cigars with a San Andres Maduro tend to be. The other issue some San Andres Maduro wrappers tend to have is they do not burn very evenly. To address some of the burn issues that can occur with this thick maduro wrapper, a double binder is used.

The band is silver gray and black with an art-deco-coat of arms feel to it. The second band is the same color scheme with the name of the cigar in all capital letters. It is a clean and neat presentation. The box press of the cigar is severe giving the cigar a relatively flat feel to it. The wrapper is a dark chocolate brown and looks rustic and a bit rough. It looks lumpy and forced into position.


The rough wrapper is not of much concern being that there no inconsistent spots as far as firmness goes. The smell is a classic barnyard maduro smell with hints of hey and wood. The oily wrapper is very noticeable on the lips when the cap is moistened. There is a slightly sour note and a spice left on the lips after the cigar is removed from the mouth. A cut on the cap with a double guillotine brings on a fairly easy draw. This cold draw has flavors reminiscent of earth and leather.

Light with a soft flame.

The first few puffs are full of dark and roasted tones, but wat is actually noted first is the room note. It is roasted wood and coffee undertones. The puff has a different feeling. There are leather notes and earthy notes. There is a soft pepper that manifests itself mostly as a classic Nicaraguan texture. The soft sweeter undertones actually makes the mouth water and this shortens the length of the pepper note. What is interesting, is that through the nose there is more burn that one would expect given how soft the spice is on the palate.

As the cigar settles in the spice settles down especially through the nose. The mouthwatering quality still remains. The subtle molasses flavors that are claimed on the Ezra Zion website start to appear in subtle ways, mostly in the transition between the initial flavor and the retrohale, and again late on the finish. It is a very short finish. This combination of mouth watering and molasses keep the stereotypical Nicaraguan wood and spice down and almost completely eliminates the dry pulpy texture found in most San Andres Maduro wrapped Nicaraguans. This situation makes this cigar unique in the realm of San Andres Maduro wrapped Nicaraguans.

The middle third has moved to a more leather and earth note that leans to the sweeter side. The spice level remains the same and seems to work well with the change in the flavor profile. The burn is not perfect and a corrective light is needed. The ash seems to fall consistently “early” for how long it is and it appears flaky. This is not a real issue if attention is given to it. The finish has lengthened to a wonderful soft sweet spice with a touch of wood. Most cigars seem to build to a stronger in-your-face version of themselves as they move along. This cigar stays mellow and smooths as it goes along. The flavors are never over done. The balance is wonderful.

The final third is rounder and warmer but still very nice. There is a sharper wood note that creeps in. Its still smooth and wonderful. The retrohale has smoothed out quite a bit. It is a sad moment when the cigar is finally done.

Time 2 hours 30 minutes

burn: 9
draw: 9
taste: 9
aftertaste: 9
construction: 10
balance: 9
feel: 9
Overall: 9.1


~ by kuzi16 on December 16, 2013.

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