Savinelli Special Selection 2006

11-22-2013 been in humi since 7-16-13
Savinelli Special Selection 2006 robusto (5 x 54)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: 2006 Nicaraguan

Savinelli is not what many people think of when they think cigars. It is usually a name associated with pipes.  This is mainly due to the the fact that Savinelli has worked hard to make pipes that could compete on a world market with some of the biggest names out there.

The company started in Italy in 1876 with the opening of Achille Savinelli Sr.s’ shop. This shp was a smoke shop and was one of a kind in the area. This was where he eventually started to design his own pipes with an Italian style. Savinelli’s son,  Achille Savinelli Jr, took the business to a new level by setting up higher quality production at a larger scale.  Italy was Already known For its briar, now it was also going to be known for its pipes.

In 1994 broke into the cigar market. The pipe company teamed up Carlos Fuente Sr. And Jr to release its first cigar and has since had other cigars outsourced to other comanies. La Aurora, Placencia, and Oliva have all created cigars for Savinelli over the years and Oliva has produced this cigar, the Savinelli Special Selection 2006.

The Savinelli Special Selection 2006 has a rich brown wrapper that soes not show many large veins.
There are no construction issues or flaws that can be seen, but that isnt to say the wrapper looks perfect, it still has some color variation. The wrapper looks thick and the seems stand out. The band is red and gold ans white showcasing a large “S” in the center.


the cigar is fairly firm to the touch in a very consistent manor. It has a bit of a silky quality to it given its rough appearance. The classic barnyard smell is present.  A lick on the cap has a sour note and when held there is a light spice. It has a “woodsy” aroma as if standing in the middle of a forest after the leaves have fallen. A clip with the Xi2 is very easy and reveals a nice draw with a light  molasses feel to it.

soft flame applied.
The fist puffs are a bit bitter and a bit sweet. The overall impression is a light nuttiness with a pepper late and pepper/leather through the nose. There is a hint at a wood tone as well but it is very faint. All of the flavor early on is fairly murky. Nothing stands out.
As the cigar settles in some of the bitter dissipates. There is the light nutty flavors with a light citrus peel note. The retrohale remains the same. The flavors are still not very defined and this is packaged in a mild-medium first third.

The middle third is fairly static in flavor. The only change at all is a bit more spice on the initial flavor and through the nose. There is nothing amazing so far. Nothing expressly bad either.

The final third mellows out some in flavor but the cigar overall hits a medium body. The flavors are the same just a bit stronger. This cigar does not have a journey. It is just sort of there. The last third seems to be the best with rounder flavors all in the same profile but still all and all not too interesting of a cigar.

Burn to the nub
time 2 hours 10 minutes

burn: 9
draw: 9
taste: 8
aftertaste: 8
construction: 9
balance: 8
feel: 7
Overall: 8.2


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