Viaje 5th Anniversary

9-2-13 been in humidor since 3-18-13

Viaje 5th Anniversary (6.25 x 52 box pressed perfecto)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Blender: Andre Farkas, Arsenio Ramos?

Ramos has been known to blend for Viaje in the past but little information can be found on if his hand was in this blend.

This 2012 release had almost no attention until the moment it was reveled during the 2012 IPCPR. Then, like most Viaje cigars, it took off and almost as fast, it disappeared. This style of release is all that Viaje does. The 5th Anniversary cigar is no different with a rumored 7,500 total cigars made and only one, maybe two, boxes going to each Viaje dealer.

This vitola and blend seems appropriate for the 5th anniversary cigar. Viaje has a soft spot in their heart for Nicaraguan tobacco with many blends from them being Nicaraguan puros. The box pressed Perfecto is no accident either. Farkas has always enjoyed the perfecto shape and has released a few of those as well. The combination of those two makes sense.

Dont fear all you Viaje fans, there are rumors that this will not be a one time release.

The band on this cigar is a solid white. The only lettering is embossed and it reads “Viaje Cigar Co. 5th Anniversary 2007- 2012.” The all white theme is mirrored on the box. Unless you hold the box or the cigar at the correct angle, no words are seen. It is an interesting presentation.

The cigar itself looks a bit rugged. The seems are tight and the construction looks great but the wrapper looks like it has had a difficult life. It is not very even in colorand has some areas that look muddled.


The smell of the cigar is damp earth and minerals; almost a slate quality. the lick on the cap is very mild and also has a bit of a mineral taste under the hay. A clip on the cap is easy due to the perfecto shape. The draw has some good resistance and carries with it a sassafras and clove flavor.

The light with a soft flame is also easy given the taper of the cigar. The first few puffs have leather and slightly scorched black tea notes. Through the nose there is a very slight coffee and mineral note with a wood undertones. As the cigar settles in and the ring gauge increases, the wood characteristics develop and the Nicaraguan texture comes out to play. When the full ring gauge is reached, the dominant flavors are wood, leaning to oak, a bit of light pepper, and light mushroom notes through the nose that I can only describe as “dry forest floor.” the texture is now distinctly Nicaraguan.

The burn quickly turns uneven to a point where a touch-up is needed.

In the middle third the flavors shift to a more leather overall. The pepper only shows up in the retrohale and it is mostly a flavor not a feeling. There is no harsh note anywhere to be had. The burn, however, is very distracting. Constant corrections are needed. The other point in construction is that the cigar keeps getting tighter in the draw as I go along.

The final third had little flavor changes but the body of the cigar seems to have become noticeable. The only real change to be had is that the woody spice of Nicaraguan tobacco is starting to come out more. Honestly what set this cigar apart from other Nicaraguan puros was how smooth and subtle the classic Nicaraguan flavor was. The cigar is no longer focused on the umami flavors. So the overall profile is the same but as the beginning of the cigar but the focus has changed. The background became foreground. The burn issues continue to plague this cigar.

Burn to the nub.

Time 2 hours 15minutes.

burn: 7
draw: 7
taste: 9
aftertaste: 8
construction: 8
balance: 9
feel: 8

Overall: 8.0

Remove the burn/draw issues and this would have been a much better smoke.


~ by kuzi16 on September 3, 2013.

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