Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection Oscuro

5-15-2013 been in humidor since 2-28-10

Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection Oscuro Lancero (7.5 x 40)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican, Honduran

Blenders: Don Pepin Garcia, Nestor Miranda

Nestor Miranda is the founder the Miami Cigar & Company. This Company has brought us brands like Tatiana, Art Deco, Don Lino, La Aurora (distribution), 1989 (the namesake cigar of the founding of the company) and of course the Nestor Miranda Collection.

Needless to say, Miranda is a well respected guy in the cigar business. However, he wasn’t always in the cigar business Though he inherited a love of cigars from his father and grandfather, it was actually the Brandy business that introduced him to the cigar business. The Company he was representing (Cardinal Mendoza ) was using cigars as a promotional tool to sell their brandy. This lead to him selling cigars in liquor stores. Personal connections in the cigar industry grew, as did his love for premium high end cigars. Ultimately this lead to his own company and brand. In 1989 the Don Lino line came out the Miamis Cigar & Co. and Miranda’s days in the Liquor business were over.

Twenty years later, to celebrate the anniversary of Miami Cigar & Co., the Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection was released. Even though Miranda and his company had been in the business for 20 years, the Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection was the first cigar to have Miranda’s name on the band. Since 2009, the Nestor Miranda Collection has grown to six distinct blends.

The Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection series comes in three different wrappers: Rosado, Ecuadorian Connecticut (released in 2012), and this one, the Oscuro. This is the fullest of the three wrappers. Everything I have read about this blend is that it ages well. I don’t have a fresh one to compare it to but this one is a bit over three years old.

The cigar is a nice rich brown but uneven in tone from head to foot. It is not overly oily in appearance. There are a few veins that stick out on the sides. The gold brown and white band is very simple and the overall presentation is nothing special. The only thing worth noting is that there is a pigtail cap; that is a nice touch. Of course the cap has a small crack on it.

2013-05-07 11.18.53

The cigar as very little smell to it. The lick on the cap feels more oily than the cigars looks but it also indicates how bad the crack is. After the cut the band will stay on just to help prevent unraveling. The draw is a slight bit tight and seems to have a light earthy mint flavor.

A light with a soft flame is easy given the ring gauge.

The first few puffs are sweeter and muskier than I was expecting. Given the amount of Nicaraguan tobacco I was expecting quite a bit of spice. This may or may not be due to the age on the cigar. Three years doesn’t always mellow out the spice of a Nicaraguan cigar. The draws are a sweet earth that fades to the cedar side of earth as it is swirled in the mouth. Through the nose there is a musky wood note that is borderline mushroom. As the cigar settles in the mushroom note intensifies and sharpens. There is little on the front end that I find too interesting, just a nice woody note. It is good but not amazing. What is coming through as the true genius of this cigar is the flavor/aroma through the nose. The mushroom note is very interesting. It has just enough sweetness to make it unique and late in the first third it starts to develop a slight spice that makes it interesting. The finish is light and shows the cigar’s Nicaraguan filler. This has a good depth of flavor early in the experience.

When the cigar reaches the mid point the sweetness reappears on the initial flavor. Beyond that the woody notes are still there as is the interesting and complex retrohale. A coffee note develops late on the finish. It seems to linger but not in a bad way.

In the final third the sweet start has sharpened into a spice. The mushroom notes are more of an undertone and a finish mostly in the nose. The flavors become more coffee with a more complex spice. The cigar increases in spice and loses its mushroom retrohale as it approaches the nub. With about an inch left in the cigar the best parts have left. This cigar is sadly done.

This cigar is not on many people’s radar and it wasnt on mine; this is a pleasant surprise.

Burn to the nub

time: 1 hour 35min

burn: 10

draw: 9

taste: 8

aftertaste: 10

construction: 10

balance: 9

feel: 9

overall: 9.2


~ by kuzi16 on May 15, 2013.

One Response to “Nestor Miranda Collection Special Selection Oscuro”

  1. I’ve just recently noticed this brand and have been toying with the idea of picking up a fiber to try. It sounds like it would be worthwhile to pick some up.

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