CLE Corojo

4-19-13 been in humidor since 3-13-13

CLE Corojo Corona Gorda (5.75×46)

Wrapper: Honduran Corojo

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Honduran

Blender: Christian Eiroa

Christian Eiroa started Camacho with the original non-Cuban Corojo seed. They were the first company to do so. Camacho pretty much built their brand name off of the reputation of powerful cigars with a refined spice that comes standard with a Honduran tobacco. In so me regards, Camacho is synonymous with Honduran tobacco, specifically the corojo leaf. However, in 2008 Davidoff acquired Camacho from the Eiroa Family.

Though Christian Eiroa still had a hand in Camacho, the company was no longer his project. He decided to form his own cigar company and he name it after himself: CLE (Christian Luis Eiroa). This is Eiroa’s second chance, or redo. With the concept of making this his and “What would you do if you were able to do it all over again?” he started to blend. One of the initial blends had focus on the corojo leaf that made his family and Honduran tobacco famous. This bend, of course is the CLE Corojo. It was part of an initial release for the band and debuted on July 5, 2012 (40th birthday if I am not mistaken).

The CLE corojo is rolled in the same factory as Camacho (they are still friends) and use 100% authentic Corojo wrapper but this time around we will find a shift to the medium side of things as apposed to the full end of the spectrum. These cigars will also be dated for vintage because “Tobacco changes every year,” according to Eiroa, but keeping to Cuban tradition, these dates will be according to production not to the harvest vintage. The CLE Corojo under review is dated 2012.

The cigar has a medium brown wrapper that is even in tone. There are a few veins but they do not seem to dominant. The band is silver and gray with the production year (2012) in red on the side. Its a fairly simple presentation.


Out of the cellophane, the cigar has a velvety feel to it. The Smell of the cigar actually reminds me more of pipe tobacco than of a standard cigar, that is to say it is a bit sweeter and maybe has a hint of raisin to it. The lick on the cap has little flavor other than a light sour note but once it is cut, there are sweeter raisin flavors much like the smell. The draw us perfect; it has just enough resistance to let you know you are puffing on a cigar but no so much that it is laborious.

I light with a soft flame.

The first few puffs are warm and gently spicy. There is a bit of a clove impression along with the “autumn” flavors I think of when I think “corojo” cigars. Through the nose there is spice and a bit of mustiness. The spice lingers long on the finish. It is a distinct black pepper. As the cigar begins to settle in a very light floral impression develops, the spice tones down a bit and a more nutty woody flavor comes out. The cigar has found its stride and does so well. The spice on the finish is long and has a sweet note to it. It is very balanced and interesting pretty much right off the bat.

The cigars middle third is a bit more woody and nutty and has reached a medium body fairly quickly. This leads me to believe that the claim that it is a medium bodied cigar will not hold true by the time the end is reached, that is if it continues to increase in power. Even though it has gained power early, the cigar remains elegant and balanced with a the spice being soft and in the finish. The finish also has a bit of a nutty flavor that I enjoy quite a bit. This is the flavor that I usually associate with Honduran tobacco. There is a nice roundness to this cigar.

The final third finds a way to smooth out even as it ticks up in power. It is now a medium-full smoke with the same flavors as above but smoother and less spice. There is even a sweeter note on the initial flavor. The burn has been good so far with only a touch up or two. The depth of this cigar is simply wonderful. Every puff is rich, complex and satisfying.

I wish it would last a bit longer

Burn to the burn

time 2 hours even

burn: 9

draw: 10

taste: 10

aftertaste: 9

construction: 10

balance: 10

feel: 9

overall: 9.5


~ by kuzi16 on April 19, 2013.

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