Don Diego Coronas Major

4-12-13 been in humidor since 7-18-09

Don Diego Coronas Major Tubo (5.5 x 44)

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Blender: José Seijas

Shortly after the Cuban revolution, there was a huge market for cigars in the US. One of the new brands that appeared in 1964 was Don Diego. Their cigars came out of a factory in the Canary Islands. This was the first cigar to come from the islands. Since that time the cigar’s parent company ( Altadis USA) relocated to The Dominican Republic, and it took the brand with it.

Don Diego was one of the pivotal brands in the 1980 move because the brand was switched from being made with a lieberman machine to being completely hand rolled. Until this point, most of the cigars that were out of the Canary islands and Altadis were partially machine made. The new competition out there (Macanudo) was already making cigars by hand only, and they were catching on. José Seijas oversaw this move and worked out the kinks of switching over to 100% hand made, making Don Diego and Altadis major players in the American cigar market.

Today the cigar is not as big of a player in event the Altadis lineup being that very full bodied cigars are in style and this is a mild cigar. Altadis seems to have shifted focus away from this smoke and has put the focus on other cigars in their lineup that seem to be making more money for them.

The Don Diego Coronas Major has a decent presentation. It comes in a white tube with black and gold lettering. It is nothing spectacular but I am not turned off by it. As I open the tube for the first time ever I am greeted with a wrapper that has a few superficial blemishes. The seams are a bit obvious and there is a small crack in the foot of the cigar. From what I can tell this will not be anything that will hurt the burn. The wrapper seems to be a bit dark for a Connecticut shade wrapper and it feels fairly smooth. The band is white and gold with two horses flanking a coat of arms style shield.


the smell of the cigar is light and woody, as would be expected from a cigar that was in a cedar lined tube for the last three and a half years. A lick on the triple cap has a mildly sour and woody taste. Again this is fairly expected. I cut with my Xi2. The draw is creamy and woody again. It is fairly mild and a bit firm.

I make my usual soft flame light with my Xikar EX lighter. The first few draws have a bit of an earth and grassy flavor. There is a tiny bit of pepper in the palate and through the nose there is a bit of woody musk. There is also a bit of a light off putting biter note in the initial flavor. Thankfully that bitter note lasts no longer than maybe the first 4 or 5 puffs. As the cigar settles in the grassy notes fade and I am left with earth and wood flavors with musk through the nose and a very light spice if the smoke is held in the mouth for a while. The cigar is mild in nature with no burn through the nose even when all smoke is expelled this way.

The midpoint has not changed much. The spice has ticked up a little but not much and is mostly noticed through the nose. The wood flavors have shifted from cedar to a flatter more generic “wood” flavor.

The last third is almost identical to the middle third.

There is nothing expressly bad about this cigar but there is nothing to make it special either.

Burn to the nub.

Time 1 hour 35 min

burn: 10

draw: 9

taste: 8

aftertaste: 8

construction: 9

balance: 8

feel: 7

overall: 8.4


~ by kuzi16 on April 12, 2013.

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