Avo XO

3-1-13 been in humidor since 11-28-12

Avo XO Notturno (5 x 42)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut seed

Binder: Dominican-grown Cuban seed

Filler: Dominican

Blender: Hendrick Kelner,

The Avo XO is the second installment of the Avo lineup (released in the early 1990s) and is supposed to be the top of the line as far as regular production Avo cigars go. (The Avo Signature was a cigar designed after the Avo LE 75, and the 787 was designed to mimic the Avo 22 LE amking neither of those “regular production” lines.) The XO is a bit stronger than the Avo classic but not as strong as the Domaine. It is not actually a stronger version on the classic. This blend is its own line of cigars, with its own unique flavors.

Every cigar in the XO line is named after a musical term, mainly because of Avo himself being most well known for his music.

The word “Notturno” is the Italian version of a musical term meaning that the song is inspired by the night or best listened to during the night. This type of music is generally thought of as tranquil while still being expressive and sometimes lyrical. Should this be expected this out of the Notturno? That is yet to be seen, but a little food for thought: the Allegro vitola is 4.5 x 34 meaning that it will absolutely live up to its name.

The cigar has a nice even tan color to it. The band is gold, cream, black on a creamy-peach color. Its a good looking classic band. The foot seems to have had a difficult go since it was rolled but I dont see it causing any issues.


Out of the cellophane it has a musky sweet smell to it. It feels soft in the hands. Not squishy but as if the wrapper is thick and fuzzy. It feel very good in the hand. The lick on the cap is oily and sweet. There is a slightly tannic quality to it. After a clip with my Xi2 I have a slightly firm draw that has much more of the musky sweet notes found on the bouquet.

My usual soft flame brings this cigar to life. The first few puffs are very creamy and the signature Kelner musk is there is full force. There is also a woody undertone. The finish is all texture. Yes there is a musk note but it just leaves a creamy texture in the mouth. As the cigar begins to settle in there is an earthy note that begins to develop.

The middle third has picked up a woodier profile with the musky cream clinging tenaciously on the finish. This cigar causes the mouth to water. The earth notes become sharper and also shorter. This flavor comes in on the “middle” of the flavor. It shows up just as the smoke is about to be pushed out. This flavor is one of the more “Cubanesque” flavors I have tasted in a non-Cuban cigar. The other flavors in this cigar keep me from claiming that this is a “Cubanesque” cigar, however, there are flavors in there that are similar to some found in a Cuban cigar.

As the XO moves into the final third there is a slight pepper note that is picked up on top of the other flavors that have not diminished in any way. This pepper is soft and balanced and a nice addition to the mix. The only other difference is that the cigar seems to “dry out” in flavor. It does not make the mouth water as much. Still, no complaints here.

This is how the cigar ends.

Unlike the name implies, I feel that this cigar will be best smoked in the early part of the day, not at night. Its mild to medium in body but very full on flavor.

Burn to the burn

time: 1h 25min

burn: 10

draw: 9

taste: 9

aftertaste: 10

construction: 9

balance: 10

feel: 9

overall: 9.4


~ by kuzi16 on March 1, 2013.

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