Padilla Reserva Habano

1-31-13 fresh no age.

Padilla Reserva Habano Torpedo (6×54)

Wrapper: Cuban seed Ecuadorian Grown Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

The Padilla Reserva Habano is part of Padilla’s re-branding efforts. Much of this re-branding is geared to the brick and mortar market with many potential lines being event only cigars. This new Padilla line-up is met with old friends and new blenders. On the Reserva Habano all of the work is left to the good people at the Oliva Factory in Esteli Nicaragua. The Oliva family is no stranger to Ernesto Padilla. In 2008 the two collaborated to make the Padilla NUB that never actually reached shelves. In 2011 the two got together to make the Padilla Studio-Tobac Limited Edition (rated 93 in CA). The blend on the Reserva Habano is very similar to the Padilla Studio-Tobac Limited Edition partially because the two cigars both sport an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

The respect Padilla has for Oliva is not a one way street. Oliva has enough respect Padilla that this is the first time Oliva has distributed a non-Oliva brand.

The band is a red, black and gold band that has a the familiar Padilla styling to it. The secondary band reads “Padilla Reserva” in gold on a black background. The maduro version reads “Padilla Reserva Maduro” in gold and white on a red background. The wrapper looks smooth save for a very dominant vein and noticeable seams. I notice the seams because of the thickness of the wrapper.

2013-01-31 11.30.31

The cigar has some heft to it. The smell unlit is a bit on the sweet side as far as tobacco goes. The wrapper is smooth on the fingers and oily on the lips. The oils have a sweet and sour note. It seems to linger. The cut with the double guillotine brings a soft spicy note on the slightly firm draw.

The light with my Xikar EX lighter brings on a very classic Nicaraguan flavor with a hint of sweet. There is a woody spice with a pulpy texture especially in the finish. A few puffs in, as the cigar is sitting in the ashtray I hear a slight crackling and I can see a spot on the wrapper cracking. There is a fruity sweet undertone. It is mild but it is there. Lingering on the back of the palate is the pulpy textured spice. The spice is strong, but short. The light crackling continues.

As the cigar opens up the ligro flavors show up in spades. The flavor is mouth coating. Through the nose there is a nutty note. One inch square of the wrapper came off when all the cracking is all said and done but it somehow did not effect the burn this is otherwise perfect.

At a bit over the half way point the woody notes pick up a nice smoked meat flavor and strangely enough a floral undertone. I hesitate to use the word “floral” because it isn’t floral but it is the closest thing that I can think of. The finish has mellowed out quite a bit. The spice has died down but it is also a longer finish.

By the final third this cigar has the typical Nicaragua flavor that I am accustomed to receiving from the Oliva factory. In fact there are several point where I could taste similar flavors to the Oliva V and the V Melanio. This Padilla Reserva Habano does have a similar blend to both of those cigars. The spice picks back up in this final third late on the puff and through the nose. A bit more age on these could bring on a balance that could take this to the next level.

The final puffs are about the same. This is a full bodied cigar and is felt in the gut by the end.

Is this the best Padilla I have smoked to date? Yes. Is this the Best cigar to come out of the Oliva Factory? No. The Padilla Reserva is a good cigar and I would be happy to smoke more of them in the future. This brand revamp for Padilla was needed and it gives me hope for the brand in the future, especially for the event only cigars.

Burn to the nub

time: 1 hour 55 min

burn: 9

draw: 9

taste: 9

aftertaste: 8

construction: 9

balance: 9

feel: 8

overall 8.7


~ by kuzi16 on January 31, 2013.

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