Zino Classic No.7

1-18-13 Fresh

Zino Classic No.7 (4.6 x 34)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Honduran, Dominican

Blender: Henke Kelner

Many cigar smokers follow a similar path in their journey deeper into the car world. Generally speaking, someone who wishes to dabble into cigar will get advice from a more seasoned smoker. The first bit of advice is to start out with a milder blend as to not end up sick on the first go. The new smokes who enjoys these first few mild cigars will buy many of them, filling their first humidor. As fuller bodied cigars are able to be handled, there is a step up to them. As there is a step up in power, there is generally a step up in flavor as well. More flavors are detected. The palate is beginning to be developed. At some point more humidors are purchased and they are filled with increasingly powerful cigars. All the while there is palate development. Months, or even years go by. It becomes easier and easier to recognize flavors, blending styles, signature flavors of a region. At some point, often when the fullest of the full cigars are being enjoyed by the now-not-so-new smoker. The palate is well developed. On a whim, this smoker finds something that is left over from when they liked the mild stuff, or they are sent a mild cigar that someone else enjoys, and they smoke it. But now it is different than before. With a more developed palate and the experience of learning how to retrohale and how to actively taste the cigar it is an entirely new experience. They can taste things in the mild cigar that they never tasted before. There is complexity now where there was once only “smoke.” The smoker looks through the humidors to find other old mild favorites to give a second look at them only to find that the humidors are full of the full bodied cigars and another humidor must be purchased.

That one mild cigar alters the way that cigars are viewed from that point on. There is a new appreciation for all strengths of tobacco.

For me, that one cigar was a Zino Classic Robusto. I feel that now, years later, it is time to give a proper review of the blend that changed my life.

The Zino classic was re-blended by Henke Kelner and released in 2006. As it is with most Davidoff products, there is a ton of respect for tradition. In the case of this cigar it shows up in this cigar not only by carrying the Zino name but by using tobacco from Honduras. This was done on purpose. The original production site of Zino Cigars was in Honduras. This may seem a bit strange to the Davidoff fans out there being that the names “Davidoff” and “Kelner” seem to be synonymous with Dominican tobacco because of the company’s heavy investment into the country. However, Kelner also uses Ecuadorian tobacco in the Davidoff Aniversario, Davidoff Classic, Gran Cru, Special Series, and a few LEs, and he uses Honduran tobacco in the Zino Platinum Z-Class. This is by no means out of his realm, nor should it seem strange.

The black tube with gold lettering is an elegant tube, as would be expected from Zino, being a Davidoff product. The cigar itself is a nice tan and there are a few wrinkles to it. It give the cigar a bit of a rustic look. The band is a simple gold and maroon band in a similar shape to Davidoff bands.


the cigar feels light in the hand and there is a slight fuzzy feeling to the wrapper. There are woody and sweet flavors that are boarder-line floral. The lick on the cap has those same flavors but with the tiniest hint of spice as well. After a clip with my double guillotine a slightly firm draw is noted and the flavors are licorice and floral in nature.

I light with a soft flame is quick due to the small ring gauge. The first puffs are woody in nature with soft pepper undertones. Through the nose there is a firmer wood note and a musky undertone, one of the elements that often show up in Kelner blends. The flavors smooth and the body is fairly light. The spice is light but it seems to linger quite a bit. This lingering spice does not seem to fit with the rest of the cigar.

As the cigar settles in a slight nutty note creeps in. it is subtle and mixes well with the over all wood tones.

The cigar changes little through the length of the cigar. It settles in and stays there. Its a good thing it is a pleasant cigar and it is short. It could get boring if it was a larger cigar. The only change to note at the mid point is that the musk has settled down and overall it becomes a bit more “sharp” in nature.

Near the end of the cigar the flavor is about the same relatively unchanged. Its a good little smoke

burn to the burn

time: 1 hour

burn: 10

draw: 8

taste: 9

aftertaste: 8

construction: 10

balance: 9

feel: 8

overall: 8.8


~ by kuzi16 on January 18, 2013.

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