Genesis The Project

11-20-12 ROTT

Genesis The Project Robusto (5 x 50)

Wrapper: Cuban seed Connecticut grown maduro

Binder: Jamastran Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran

Blender: Ramón Bueso

This cigar has seen quite a bit of hype.

For those on the forum, you are already quite familiar with this name. For those of you who are not familiar, let me give you a quick history on the man.

Ramón Bueso has been in the world of tobacco from a young age. As a boy he literally grew up in tobacco fields. His grandmother had land in his home country of Honduras that she leased to Angel Oliva (of the Oliva tobacco growers, not the Oliva cigar manufacturers) in the 1960s. Honduras was one of the hot spots for Cuban exiles post revolution. By the age of 15 Ramón found himself working at the Villazon Cigar factory that was run by Frank Llaneza (Originator of the non-Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch, and Bolivar). As a bunchero and a roller he developed his skills and knowledge. Developing quickly, Llaneza took notice of Ramón Bueso and moved him up through the business and eventually became the right hand man of the operation focusing on buying and processing tobacco. It is through Llaneza that Bueso met Estelo Padron, another legend in the industry. Under these two legends Ramón Bueso learned the old Cuban tradition of Tobacco processing, blending, and manufacturing.

More recently, Bueso has been working with Nestor Plasencia in Danli, Honduras.

The Cigar in this review is this tobacco man’s personal blend. It is a cigar that he has worked on for years and previously only handed out to those lucky enough to meet him. He is a bit of a local legend in Honduras and now he is stepping into the international stage with the release of his personal blend dubbed “Genesis: The Project”

Its a good looking cigar. The wrapper is a deep rich brown and it has an oily sheen to it. It is very firm and very smooth. The band has clean lines in black and white. In gold is a script print of the Name of the cigar, “Genesis.” This, at first glance reads almost as a signature. There are a few dominant veins that are visible but none of them feel three dimensional.

The smell has a peat quality to it with a hint of roasted coffee beans. The triple cap looks a bit rough. When I lick the cap there is little taste other than a light sour note and maybe a hint of spice. A cut with my Xi2 opens up to a firm draw that is full of flavors such as earth, coco, and coffee. Once lit with a soft flame there are fresh tilled dark earth notes. This fades into a coffee undertone as spice shows up very late on the finish. Through the nose there is a hint of leather. As the cigar settles in the flavors seem to refine. The earth notes are there and seem to be more of a heavy mushroom. The coffee flavors are mostly on the finish and very defined. It is the same after taste that a dark chocolate covered coffee bean has. The spice has died down and is very soft. This is a unique cigar in the first third.

I find the ash to be a bid flaky and brittle. The burn is not perfect but it seems to correct itself.

As the cigar enters the middle third I find myself enjoying the cleanness of the smoke. The flavors seem crisp and deliberate. There are no lingering unpleasant notes at any point. Just a long soft spice finish. As the middle third continues the chocolatey notes pick up and become sharper. They lean more to a woody note by “drying out” a bit. There is a malty note in there as well. It reminds me of what a true brew-house smells like.

The final third has a more roasted tone to it. The coffee flavors are still there but not as dominant. I keep thinking about the malty aspects of this cigar. I find it very interesting. It is something that I have not tasted in a cigar before and I seem to be focusing on it.

The cigar ends with the same impressions that were in the last third. Its an interesting smoke and it is unique.

Burn to the burn

time: 1hour 55minutes

Burn: 9

Draw: 9

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 9

Balance: 9

Feel: 9

Overall: 9.0 of 10


~ by kuzi16 on November 20, 2012.

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