La Aurora Preferido Emerald

10-22-12 been in humidor since 11-30-08

La Aurora Preferido Emerald (5 x 54 perfecto)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Dominican grown Corojo

Filler: Dominican grown Piloto Cubano, Peruvian, Brazilian Bahia

Blender: Jose Blanco

This cigar was voted the seventh best cigar of 2006 by Cigar Aficionado. That is quite a bit to live up to, not to mention the price tag. All the stories that are out there about this cigar are well known and everything that can be said about this cigar is common knowledge.

I do have some fear of this cigar due to the shape. The perfecto is notorious for being difficult to roll and there are a handful of reviews that have mentioned a difficult burn. La Aurora makes a big deal about how only their best rollers make these cigars. Most companies do. Still, this vitola in any marca has issues.

…and the price tag.

I try and do my best to keep price out of my reviews. The price is not an indicator of how good a cigar will be, or if I will like it. However, there does come an expectation once the price is what most will spend on 4 cigars that it will perform better. It is cigars like this that always make me question my palate.

The presentation is amazing. The tube is a brightly colored green with a “band” painted on the outside. Once the tube is opened a fairly rough looking milk chocolate wrapper. The band on the actual cigar is exactly like the one on the tube save for the fact that all the silver on the tube version is replaced with gold. Its a fairly small looking cigar that is a classic perfecto shape. This is the shape that is seen in cartoons for decades. It also happens to be one of my favorite shapes due to the constantly changing wrapper to filler ratio.

There is a silky feel to this cigar. You can feel the bumps of the rough wrapper, however they feel soft because of the oils. The smell of the cigar is strong. It is a very classic scent of heavy barnyard and hay. Licking the cap brings on a sweeter note and a very oily feel in the mouth. It is not often this much oils are left on the lips when I wet the cap pre-cut. These oils linger and slowly bring spice long after the cigar leaves the lips. Once cut with my Xi2 the draw is very nice. There is a sweeter quality to the cold draw that reminds me of figs.

my standard soft flame is applied.

The light is easy given the small point that needs to be toasted.

The first puffs are mild and tend to the sweet end of the spectrum. Both through the nose and on the palate there is a light musk. Woody notes that remind me of oak are present but mild. The cigar is incredibly smooth and mild even though there is a white pepper spice on the tongue while the smoke is being swirled. The finish is very long and lightly musk as well. As the cigar starts to open up the wood notes come out a bit more and the musk tames down a bit. The musk is mostly on the finish and is very nice.

By the time the middle third hits there is is a bit more spice-like notes. It is all very light and reminds me of white pepper. This white pepper note seems to be an offshoot of the musk. I am still able to push 100% of the smoke out through the nose with no burn what-so-ever. If I puff slightly faster than I usually smoke there is the light spice but if I set the cigar down a few moments that calms down and it is mostly wood and musk. Both profiles are enjoyable. The burn at the midpoint is still flawless.

As the cigar begins to taper back down the musk flavors start to intensify again. There is no building of power. The musk on the latter half of the cigar does seem to be sharper than on the initial half. This may be due to the diminishing sweetness as the cigar moves along. As the cigar approaches the end more leather notes come out. But the cigar never hearts up and there are no burn issues at all. The burn was perfect the entire time.

Burn to the burn

Time: two hours flat.

Burn: 10

Draw: 10

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 10

Balance: 9

Feel: 8

Overall: 9.3 of 10

This cigar is mild, smooth and elegant. Does it deserve the price tag? I’m not 100% sold on that. It was darn good but a little shy of amazing.  Am I disappointed with it? No. Not at all. I don’t feel like I wasted the money, but I would have to put quite a bit of thought into purchasing another.


~ by kuzi16 on October 22, 2012.

One Response to “La Aurora Preferido Emerald”

  1. Great review. I’ve always liked the presentation of these, but the price scared me away. I might have to try it now, since I know it won’t be a waste.

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