Micro review: Astral Grand Reserve

Micro review:

Astral Grand Reserve Double Corona (6.1 x 48)

All that is found about this cigar is that it has Honduran and Dominican fillers. There is no mention of binder, and the wrapper is described as “milk chocolate brown Habano” wrapper. I cant find a blender, a factory, a parent company (if there is one) or any other information to make this more than a micro review.

The wrapper is a nice chocolate brown, as stated above. There are a few imperfections, I mean, it is a “bargain” brand cigar. It feels heavy in the hand and smooth to the touch. The smell unlit is a very basic earth and tobacco. A lick on the cap is surprisingly sweet. I cut with a double guillotine and I have a very firm draw that is quite a bit tighter than I usually like but not plugged. The cold draw is exactly as it smells.

Once lit I have flavors that are soft, slightly bitter and a but musty. They are mild flavors and getting a good draw is difficult. A woody flavor starts do develop by the middle third but it is pretty much static in flavor. The draw has not improved.

Once the cigar reaches the final third the draw issues and lack of complexity make it no longer worth it.

Pretty sure this is a dud. Cant win em all.



~ by kuzi16 on October 21, 2012.

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