Micro Review: Bolivar


9-24-12 been in humidor since 3-14-08

Bolivar Petit Corona 5×42

Wrapper: Cuban

Binder: Cuban

Filler: Cuban

Box Code: Unknown.


This cigar was a gift to me back in 2008. This was before I had much experience with Cuban cigars so when I was gifted this cigar I never thought to ask what the box code was. Without a box code I feel that I cannot give a full review given the noticeable differences in vintages in the Cuban cigar market. Hence the micro review. On the bright side, this Bolivar Petit Corona has about 4 years of proper age on it.


The wrapper is a rich brown. It has a few cracks from rolling around in the humidor naked, but nothing that concerns me. It has a very light but sweet barnyard smell before the light. The lick on the cap has a slightly sour note and an oily feel on the lips. Cut with my Xi2. The unlit draw is slightly tight with a sour note on the lips and a tangy earth in the mouth.

Lit with my Xikar EX lighter.

The first few puffs have a soft chocolate note with a hint of spice. Through the nose is a “sharp earth” note. This all fades on the long finish to a nice dry black pepper. The texture of the smoke is very soft. The middle third intensifies a bit with the soft spice creeping into the initial flavor. The coco notes fade and through the nose is still the tangy/sharp earth. A mild coffee note seems to replace the coco. The coffee is not bitter in any way. The dry notes are not flavors but actually drying the mouth slightly. The final third is slightly spicier but not overly so. The cigar ends up being medium to full by non-Cuban standards but it full bodied by most Cuban standards.

There are minor burn issues throughout, but nothing to fret about; most fix themselves. 

One hour and forty-five minutes from light to nub.


~ by kuzi16 on September 24, 2012.

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