Camacho Corojo Limited

7-27-12 been in humidor since 6-15-12


Camacho Corojo Limited 8/22

Torpedo (6.1 x 54)

Wrapper: Honduran Sungrown Corojo

Binder: Honduran Corojo

Filler: Honduran Corojo

Blender: Christian Eiroa


Camacho is one of the worlds most famous non-Cuban factories in the world. Much of this fame can be attributed to the worlds only true Corojo leaf. Julio Eiroa smuggled out the seeds from the El Corojo farm when he fled the Castro regime in Cuba. Corojo was developed in the 1930s as a descendent of the Criollo seed by Diego Rodriguez using natural selection. This was an attempt to develop a plant more resilient to mold and disease. In that regard, he was a failure. The Corojo plant is still susceptible to blue mold, black shank and all the usual tobacco diseases. However as far as flavor is concerned, he developed what would be the premier wrapper leaf for Cuban cigars for decades to come.


That is not what makes this cigar limited. There is Also a “Camacho Corojo” that uses the same seed. What makes this cigar limited is that in this version of the cigar, only the best leaves of the crop are selected. These selected leaves receive extra aging before being bunched, bound and wrapped. Even with the extra age, these cigars have a bit of reputation.


This reputation includes two things:


First, is that they are strong. This line was one of the first “ultra strong” cigars to hit the market. It was a leader in a trend that started around 2004 and has not stopped as of the posting of this review. Age usually mellows tobacco out. This cigar is still very strong, even with the extra age.


Second, is that there are burn issues. The upper most sungrown leaves are very thick and burn reluctantly. Age and fermentation usually help this situation, but with this leaf, it may not be enough. Plus, with more age and fermentation the flavor begins to change, and nobody wants that.



The cigar looks seamless. There is such an even tan tone/color of the wrapper that the seams are difficult to see even when looking for them. Even when you can see where the veins are, it still feels smooth in the hand. It has a good amount of heft to it; that leads me to believe it will burn a long time. The double banded cigar is classic Camacho styling. The main band reads “quinto corte,” which translates roughly to “fifth cut.” A reference to the priming of the tobacco plant that the leaves used on this are from.

A whiff of the cigar has hay notes that are very light in nature. The lick on the torpedo cap has an earthy oily feel to it with a bit of spice if held in the mouth. Clipping the cap with my Xi2 and I now have notes coco, sweet earth, and sassafras. (I kid you not)


I use my soft flame to light this cigar. As I light I turn to the north and I can see thunder clouds of the storm that will miss me by maybe 10 miles. However, the humidity outside is still very high. This could have an effect on the burn.


The first few puffs have a decidedly sweeter note than expected. The sweetness is nutty in nature. There is a spicy note that is mild. There is a flavor much like fall leaves that I usually identify with corojo. Through the nose there is a bit of spice, sweetness, and that hint of sassafras from the pre-light smell. There are many layers of flavor even in the first 10 minutes. The finish is short and smooth and very “fall” in nature. I really have a hard time pinning down flavors. I feel as if there are different flavors in each puff. The ones I mentioned are the ones that I feel comfortable mentioning because they are the most consistent. Even with all of that going on everything seems to fall into place, and it works. When at rest, the cigar puts out a ton of smoke; a quality that I personally enjoy.


One side of the cigar seems to want to burn faster than the other and before the fist ash falls, a touch up light is needed.


As the middle third begins the sassafras impressions are gone and what is left is a bit of a sweeter wood flavor. The “fall” flavor is still most of the cigar and it feels very refined. The spice is still light and enjoyable and the finish is still short. The cigar seems to be rounding out with the nutty undertones becoming warmer and more well rounded and the sweet flavors keeping it all in balance. Through the nose is most of the fall flavors. Even thought he cigar is full bodied in nature, the smoke is pushed through the nose with minimal burn. This brings out the most interesting aspects of the cigar and I find myself pushing out through the nose slower than usual. Through the middle third the flavors stay the same but the spice slowly ticks up.


The final third has a much more roasted feel to it. Hints of coffee seem to slip in now and again however the basic flavor profile remains the same. The final third also opens with the need for another corrective light. There is another flavor creeping in that I cannot identify exactly but it seems to be a bit more floral in nature. It is faint and may just be a bit more sweetness that I’m picking up. The reputation of the Camacho Corojo’s power is true. It took a while to get here but now it is starting to punch me. It is hard to stop puffing away or to slow down because the flavors are very good. However, my gut is starting to signal that I need to slow down a bit.


The final puffs are definitively more floral or herb like; jasmine maybe? There is now a decent spice and a good punch in the gut as well. Very good. Very unique.


Burn to the burn

time 2 hours 25 minutes.


Burn: 8

Draw: 10

Taste: 10

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 10

Balance: 10

Feel: 9

Overall: 9.4 of 10


~ by kuzi16 on July 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Camacho Corojo Limited”

  1. I bought 20 of these babies from CI. Right off the truck, they definitely need to be rested as the humidity and flavor are a bit off.

  2. I feel that they actually improve with serious age. 6 weeks will even them out but give them ab out 3 years and you will be very happy.

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