Cuba Aliados Miami

7-9-12 been in humidor since 1-3-12

Cuba Aliados Miami CRA Edition. Toro Viejo (6 x 53)

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Nicaraguan

Blender: Rolando Reyes Sr.

First off, a huge “thank you” to Cigar Rights of America not only for sending me this cigar for joining (something you all should do) but also for everything they do to help makers of fine cigars and the people who smoke cigars  fight for their right to do so. Keep fighting for our rights.

There are three bands on this cigar. The main band, that carries the brand name; the secondary band, that states that this is the Miami; and the tertiary band that is from the CRA. On the bottom of the primary band there is a bit of fine print that reads:

Original owner from Habana Cuba”

This brand has been held by Rolando Reyes Sr twice before. It all started when he was nine years old in Las Villas, Cuba. He was convinced that he wanted to be a tobacconist. The family trade was not in tobacco. He had to seek training from Silvio Santana of the Tabacalera Pequeña in Zulueta, Cuba. After learning what he needed to know he started to work at the Jose L. Piedra Cigar Factory in Guanajay. Later he moved on to the H. Upmann Cigar Factory and the Jose Gener & Batet Cigar Co. where he became a master roller. Eventually he took his skills and created his own brand “Los Aliados” (the name was taken from an old Cuban Bus company that translates to “allied”). This brand continued under Reyes watch until the communist government confiscated his trademark “Los Aliados,” his factories, and his life’s work.

Frustrated with this gross violation of rights, Reyes packed up and came to the US in 1971 and set up shop with the brand Cuba Aliados but was unable to retain the rights to distribution of his blends. In 2004 he regained the rights for distribution and reblended the entire line. He is proud to have the name “Aliados” back under his supervision and his focus is there.

However, between the mid 70s and 2004 Reyes did have some success, just not under the Aliados brand name. He built a factory in Honduras that has 200 rollers and has over 300 employees producing over 75,000 cigars daily including the brand “Puros Indos,” a brand that Reyes himself blended.

This cigar does not come from that particular factory. This cigar comes from his Miami factory and is the only on in the brand that is rolled there. It is rolled by 4 rollers and they have an output of about 600 of these particular cigars per day.

The cigar is a medium dark brown in color and has a very classic feel to the styling.this cigar, unlike the rest of the Miami line has no cedar wrapped around it. I notice while taking the cellophane off that the cellophane is too tight. It is as if the cigar expanded slightly after the cellophane was added, or maybe the cellophane shrank. Either way, the cellophane had to be cut off as to not risk damaging the wrapper. Once out of the cellophane the cigar does have a slightly squishy feel to it but it is uniform. There are not spots that are firmer than others. The wrapper is lumpy and has a bit of a rustic look to it.

the secondary band is very difficult to get off of the cigar. I know how minor it is but this is one of my pet peeves when it comes to the cigar world. The CRA band on the inside has the note of “become a CRA member 818-541-1535”
listen to the band. Become a member.

The smell of the cigar is fairly light and has a spicy grass flavor to it. The lick on the cap has a slightly sour note. After a quick cut with a double guillotine I have a draw that is a bit on the loose side. However, the cold draw has a good flavor to it that reminds me of spice drops.


The light is difficult but the Xikar EX lighter is windproof, and that helps.

The initial puffs have a sweet wood with a hint of spice and a small amount of “bite” that lets me know that I scorched the tobacco while lighting. As the cigar starts to settle from the light a damp earthiness starts to come out and play. There is also a musk through the nose. The texture is the familiar Nicaraguan pulp with a hint of spice. There are a few burn issues right off the bat, but it isn’t clear if this is a construction issue or a lighting issue.

The middle third continues with the Nicaraguan texture and some of the damp earth notes but the finish has picked up a coffee note that is nearing bitter. There is a heartier “bottom end” to this cigar that reminds me a bit of multi grain bread. This is a mild flavor and I admit that it is a bit of a reach but I cannot think of what else the subtle flavor here can be called. A bit of black pepper sneaks in late on the finish. There is a dominating vein that runs the length of the cigar that seems to be the cause of the burn issues. The vein seems to be a part of the binder and the wrapper is lumped up over it. It burns slower and a touch up light is needed now and again. The fix is not difficult and, fortunately, doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on flavor.

The final third has the same overall feel but with more emphasis on the grain notes. The damp earth is not quite there anymore. There is also more of a woodier feel to the cigar. I’m not sure when this found its way in the door but it rounds the cigar out a bit and keeps the cigar interesting from beginning to end. The same burn issues centered around that vein are still there.

The changes in this cigar have not been drastic, but they are there. This is a cigar that I could smoke often and not feel bad about it. This is also a cigar that could easily be smoked by the fire pit with friends. I do not recommend this cigar for golfing or other activities where you must set it down for a period of time. It may even be a bit difficult if you smoke as slow as I do. The cigar wants to go out. You need to keep puffing on this one. If I did my ratings with price point as a factor it would rate higher than what it does. I would definitely put this above a “budget” cigar as far as taste goes with a “budget” price. If you want a Nicaraguan flavor that you don’t feel bad sharing with friends and wont break the bank this would be a good one to keep on hand.

Now to the non-price influenced meat an potatoes…

the burn and the draw hurt this cigar quite a bit. Maybe a different one on a different day would end up with a higher rating

burn to the burn

burn time: 2 hours even.

Burn: 7

Draw: 8

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 9

Balance: 9

Feel: 9

Overall: 8.6 of 10


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