Camacho Triple Maduro

7-2- 12 been in humi since 8-28-11

Camacho Triple Maduro 11/18 (Perfecto (6″ x 48x54x48))

Wrapper: Honduran Maduro

Binder: Honduran Maduro

Filler: Honduran Maduro

Blender: Christian Eiroa

The claim to fame of the Camacho Triple Maduro (other than being a highly acclaimed cigar from one of the most celebrated brands in Central America) is that this is the first all maduro cigar to be released- ever. The name “triple maduro” is to tell you that all three parts, the wrapper, the binder, and the filler are maduro. However, there are five different leaves, three of them in the filler and all five are maduro. This cigar was quite an undertaking to blend. With so many different factors to deal with when fermenting one leaf heavily enough to make a maduro its almost impossible to for me to conceive of the challenges with blending five leaves that have all been fermented at high temperatures and high pressures. This is why it took over a year of constant trials to settle on the blend of this cigar.

The other half of the equation is combustion. To make a maduro leaf with body and strength and durability you need to use a thick hearty leaf. It needs to hold up to the process to turn it into a useful leaf. This thick leaf, even after fermentation, has issues with burning correctly. So getting this cigar to burn correctly AND taste right is a huge challenge.

Thanks to wwestern for this cigar.

The cigar is a rich milk chocolatey brown in color with highly contrasting silver double bands at the usual spot and the foot. There are a few rough/bumpy patches on the wrapper but nothing overly out of the ordinary. The veins are dominant and thick. This is a slight perfecto. By that I mean, the taper is not drastic. If not paying attention, it would be easy to overlook the shape. At its largest it is a 54 ring, and at its smallest it is a 48.

The smell of the cigar is a classic maduro smell. I usually call it a heavy “barnyard” smell. A lick on the cap is a sweeter version of barnyard but slightly more earthy. There is also a spice that lingers on the tongue. A cut with a double guillotine and a perfect draw with notes of coco, earth and musk is revealed. My Xikar EX lighter does its job for the day. The light seems to take longer that what is usual.

The first few puffs are a bakers chocolate with a “roasty” coffee-like undertone. The smoke feels thick in the mouth but it is smooth and does not feel oppressive. Through the nose there is a damp earth/musk that is subtle and hints at spice. On the finish there is also (what I consider a signature of Eiroa’s blending style) a nice round nutty “warmth”. This nutty roundness is how I identify many Honduran cigars and Camacho uses it better than any other brand.

As the cigar really settles in the earth flavors of the smoke sweeten and pick up a deep,  subtle spice when swirled in the mouth. Through the nose the musk mentioned above has dried out a bit and still hints at spice. The deep spice from the initial flavor carries through to the finish that is still dominated by the nice nutty roundness that was there in the first few puffs.

Entering the middle third and there are a few burn issues. A corrective light is needed. The nutty flavor has crept into the main flavor but it is sweeter in this part of the puff. The deep spice is there through the entire flavor and the finish is becoming woodier. The most interesting aspect about this cigar at this point is that the flavor manages to coat the mouth with flavor but still does not become oppressive. Its a thick smoke and heavy mouth feel that does not linger too long.

At the beginning of the final third, I notice that the cigar has only dropped its ash once. A woody flavor is slowly taking over but now the cigar is reducing in ring gauge.

This third brings on a few more burn issues and another correcting light is needed. The flavor has not changed much from the middle third of the cigar but it is still very enjoyable.

By the end, the power of the cigar is noticeable. I good meal helps to stave off the sweat on the brow and the punch in the gut.

This is the definition of a powerful, refined cigar.

Burn to the burn

Burn time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Burn: 8

Draw: 10

Taste: 10

Aftertaste: 10

Construction: 9

Balance: 10

Feel: 9

Overall: 9.4 of 10


~ by kuzi16 on July 2, 2012.

One Response to “Camacho Triple Maduro”

  1. Great review! I love all the background about maduros that you shared. My boyfriend was smoking a Viaje Zombie tonight. You probably know those have really bad burn issues, I assume because of the thick wrapper. Makes sense!

    Also, I like that you write how long your cigars have been in your humidor.

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