Tatuaje Wolfman


6-18-12 been in humi since 2-27-12

Tatuaje Wolfman

7.5 x 52

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Blender: Pete Johnson, Don Pepin Garcia.


A big thanks to Zach for the hook up on this LE.

Like all of the monster series, this cigar carries the namesake of one of the all time monster greats. To make this representation a bit more clear the last bit of the foot is left without wrapper. This is supposed to look like the hair of the Wolfman. What this also does is give an opportunity to taste the filler and binder without wrapper. This is a rare opportunity in the cigar world.


The blend is rumored to be based off of the Cojonu series but with a different wrapper and, in Pete’s words “a twist”. This is good news for all of the Tatuaje fan-boys out there. However, I would not consider myself part of that group. Don’t get me wrong, I respect both Pete Johnson and DPG. I have met them both. I have toured the My Father Factory. I understand the quality of tobacco, the skill of the blend, the craftsmanship of the rollers. I guess my palate has never been blown away by a Tatuaje cigar (though DPG has impressed me a few times). Some people like vanilla; some people like chocolate. I know, I know… don’t flame me too bad in response to this review.

This is a large cigar. Given how large it is I am surprised at how light weight it is. The wrapper is a rich milk chocolate brown with very visible veins all over. The muddled/splotchy color of the wrapper shows some of the fermentation. It looks very nice, almost “marbled” in character. The band and the wrapper color are similar with the band being a bit lighter and significantly less varied in tone. The lettering is a very cartoonish font in a deep red. I have to say that I like this presentation.

The scent of the cigar is nice and barnyard. Its a very classic smelling cigar. The lick on the cap feels very oily on the lips and produces a peppery spice. My usual double guillotine is used to snip this cigar. The cold draw is wonderful in the resistance department. There is a great meaty-sweet taste to it as well.


I light the shaggy foot with my soft flame Xikar EX lighter.

The initial puffs, that are sans wrapper, have a light flavor with little to it save for some spice on the finish. There is a hint at some chocolatey musk but it is too light to say for sure. Only three or so puffs are managed before the wrapper presents itself. When it does the cigar becomes a bit sweeter and the spice is a bit more refined. The spice is a good black pepper and it is found mostly on the middle flavor. The finish is a bit more woody and meaty. The initial flavor is woody as well but not as rich or meaty.


As the cigar settles in there are some coffee notes on the finish and the sweetness has died down. The spice is earlier in the flavor and lingers to the finish but never stays on there. Its mostly the woody and meaty flavor. The texture of the smoke is a bit pulpy like many Nicaraguan cigars but has a thicker chewy quality to it. At just about an inch in, the first ash falls with a distinctive “thud” into the ashtray.


Entering the middle third the sweetness makes a triumphant return. It is on the initial flavor and has a great almost sugary quality to it. The next flavor to come out in a draw is the pepper. Its a sweet black pepper and is very enjoyable. This all fades to a musky wood on the finish with spice through the nose.


The burn has been less than perfection and a touch up has been needed. I have a difficult time complaining because the flavor is unique. The OCD part of me has to fix it though.


The final third has a woodier overall feel. The spice and the sweet have toned down more and it has evened out quite a bit. Each puff is not as complex but it is still enjoyable. There are a few more burn issues but again, nothing too major. The lighter did make another appearance.


Burn to the burn.

Time 2 hours 25 minutes.



Burn: 8

Draw: 10

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 9

Balance: 9

Feel: 8

Overall: 8.8 of 10


~ by kuzi16 on June 18, 2012.

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