2009 Forum Blend Sumatra

5-21-12 been in humidor since: 8-22-09 2009 Forum Blend Sumatra
Toro 6 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Habano Jamastran Honduras
Filler: Nicaraguan Condega viso, Ometepe Nicaragua Ligero, San Andrew Mexico Seco
Blender: forum at large.

April third 2009 a thread was posted in the Fledgling forum. At this time the forum was just over a year old (forum birthday is 1-15-08) and Vulchor had joined two days before. My most recent review at that point was on 3-31-09 where I reviewed the Camacho SLR Maduro (it got a 8.9). This thread would change the way the forum worked forever. It would solidify the relationship between the forum members and It opened the eyes to many about the process that is cigar manufacturing. This thread is made of legend. What made the thread so special? was blending a  forum blend. It seemed so innocent at the beginning. But it grew. People got involved. This is the thread that made this place a true community. There are forum members that showed up long after the cigars were gone that wish they could get some. A few of the lucky ones have a few left. I will do my best to be objective even though my hand was in this (though it was a very limited basis). It will be hard to be subjective. I have a lot of love for this cigar, mainly for what it represents for this community.

The cigar is fairly dark and it feels firm and heavy in the hand. There is no “real” band on this cigar just a plain white band with “AAA” printed on it. There is a small crack on the cigar about half way through that I hope will not influence the experience. Other than that the wrapper is smooth and silky in texture with a slightly oily feel as well.

The smell is a heavy barnyard. A lick on the cap is slightly sour and spicy. Once cut with my trusty Xi2 the draw has rich flavors to it. There is quite a bit of spice on the cold draw. There is also an underlying sweetness with an almost clove feel. The draw is firm but not bad.

Lit with my usual Xikar EX soft flame. The first few puffs have the classic woody spice and pulp texture that tells me that it has Nicaraguan tobacco. Through the nose there is a musty oak. As the cigar settles in the spice dies down but the texture stays pulpy. The oak becomes the dominant flavor. There is also a leathery note on the finish. The first ash holds on for well over an inch. Its about this point where I notice a vegetable-like sweetness.

The middle third is very much like the first third but the crack has made the burn fairly ugly. The flavor does not seem to have taken a turn for the worse. That is good because I here for the flavor. The crack seems to be acting like the cigar is slightly over stuffed. As the cigar gets to the end of the middle third a nutty undertone develops and the oak dissipates.

The final third is past all burn and wrapper issues. The cigar has seemed to settle down quite a bit and is now mostly cinnamon, pepper, and oak. i feel that this is how the cigar should have been but the other problems along the way hurt its performance.

Burn time: 2 hours

Burn: 7
Draw: 9
Taste: 8
Aftertaste: 8
Construction: 7
Balance: 9
Feel: 10
Overall: 8.3 of 10

There is a maduro version as well. I remember that I liked that one a little more.
review on that soon


~ by kuzi16 on May 21, 2012.

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