Carlos Torano Exodus 1959, 50 Years

2-14-12 been in humidor since 5-20-11

Carlos Torano Exodus  1959, 50  Years Robusto (5 x 50)

Wrapper: Brazilian Arapiraca Sun-Grown

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Esteli & Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaraguan

Blender: Carlos and Charlie Torano

A big thanks to JJ20030 on the Forum

For those who may not know, this cigar was named after the year that the Torano family fled Cuba in 1959 after the government took over their lands, Nationalizing the tobacco industry.

Since its release, the exodus has been one of the top rated cigars in the industry. 90+ ratings abound. Yet somehow, I have never had one. Today will change that.

This cigar is dark and oily. The copper and black band almost blend into the cigar. The cigar and band combo is dark enough that it is difficult for me to get a good picture with the camera and lighting that I have currently, so I had to get one from an outside source ( The smell of the cigar is a fairly classic maduro smell. It is barnyard and earthy. The lick on the cap has an ever so slightly sweet and sour note to it but otherwise there is very little. This is lighter than I thought it would be. A cut with the double guillotine and a perfect draw greets me with coco and cream notes. The draw is surprisingly flavorful given the lack of flavor when I tasted the cap alone.


A toast and a light and we are smoking. The first few buffs are very sweet. This is one of the sweetest cigars I have tasted in a while. As I roll the smoke in my mouth, the flavor transitions to a leathery-sweet, then finally a pepper on the finish. Through the nose there is a woody-spice that is quite mild. I am actually amazed at the sweetness of this cigar.

As it opens up, some of the sweetness seems to fade. It is still there but in a much subtler form. A leather note starts to emerge and maybe a coco note. The finish and through the nose still the same.

The middle third brings on more of the same. The more I smoke though, the less balanced the sweet feels to me. I would like to see the woodier tones or coco tones more in the front. As the middle third progresses past the midpoint just what I was looking for happens. The almost over the top sweet gives way to a slightly sweet coco and wood with spice on the back of the palate.

This cigar does not lend itself well to my ultra slow smoking style. It has a tendency to want to almost go out. The burn tends to be inward more than most cigars.

The final third is stronger than the the other two-thirds. This is where the “full” part of the “medium-full” listing comes in. the power has built but the flavor has remained the same. The flavor is about the same as the middle third but the spice comes out a bit more and the sweet has joined the mix on the finish. The final third is easily the best part of this cigar.

Burn time: 1hour 50 min

Burn: 8

Draw: 10

Taste: 8

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 9

Balance: 8

Feel: 8

Overall: 8.6 of 10


~ by kuzi16 on February 14, 2012.

One Response to “Carlos Torano Exodus 1959, 50 Years”

  1. Pretty much had same feeling. Found it to be a great morning smoke. And I to was surprised by how light in the hand it felt.

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