Camacho Face-Off By Litto Gomez

1-23-12 been in my humidor since 1-7-12
Camacho Face-Off By Litto Gomez (5 3/4 x 50)
Blender: Litto Gomez

The specifics of this blend seem to be a secret. The story yields a bit more information but again, the details are sketchy at best.
Litto Gomez of La Flor Dominicana and Christian Eiroa of Camacho have decided to use each others tobacco in an attempt to make a better version of the others cigars. They want to out do each other. Each company sent the other enough tobacco to make 50,000 cigars. To this tobacco each added some of their own to the mix. So in short, the blend of the Camacho Face off is mostly Honduran with a bit of Dominican.

Thanks to Garbandz on the Cigar Asylum Cigar Forum for the trade to make this happen.

This cigar is one of the cigars on my Bucket List. Since this cigar was produced in 2003 (before I started smoking cigars) and it was made in limited quantity by two companies that are in high demand, I thought I would never get to see one of these. Litto is one of my favorite blenders and Camacho produces some of the best Honduran tobacco available. I have always been a fan of Honduran tobacco so needless to say, this made my Bucket list. The La Flor Dominicana Face off by Christian Eiroa is on my bucket list also. I may need to compare. If you know where to get some of those, please let me know.

The cigar is light in color and a bit light in feel. It is lighter than I was expecting it to be. There is a decided amount of fuzz to this cigar and it is rugged in appearance. The band is the old style Camacho band in cream with all the print in dark brown.

The lick on the cap is almost flavorless but there is an oily feel to it. There is a slight vegetable quality to it. Not too surprising being that it is a plant. Just sayin…

The cap is cut with a Xikar Xi2. This brings a cold draw that is solid. There is some resistance but not too much. Just enough to let you know you are actually drawing. The flavor of this draw is a little leather and a little vegetable.

The light is with a soft flame and it light easy.
The first few draws have a very leather taste. There is also a very light coffee after taste that is slightly on the bitter side. The cigar is very smooth. Not surprising at all since it was rolled 9 years ago. There is a slight musk through the nose that seems to make the finish match the rest of the cigar well. This is a very interesting musk. It does not remind me of the signature “Kelner Musk” that is found in almost all Kelner blends. It is spicier and has more leather to it. The musk is only through the nose. Without the retrohale, the cigar is decidedly flat. Its a good thing this cigar is so smooth because it needs the retrohale.

Only 20 min in and the ash has fallen off twice. It seems to not want to hold on. The burn is even. The draw is good.  There is no indicator that the ash should fall. Maybe too much Magnesium in the soil? I’m not too sure. The cigar does seem to be smoking fairly quick. This may mean that the cigar is packed light (and that could explain the weight issue in the pre-light ritual). If it is packed lightly, the ash is less dense and will fall faster.

The middle third of the cigar and the musk is taking over. The initial flavor is sweeter and the finish has picked up a black walnut note. I fully realize that this is a very specific flavor to use and I run the risk of sounding like like one of the over the top reviewers that can taste “hints of Shiitake mushrooms grown in the south of China during a colder growing season…”
However, I grew up with a Black Walnut tree in my back yard. The taste is very familiar to me and I would recognize it anywhere. It is very distinct.

The final third is roughly the same overall profile but the smoke heats slightly and gives it a more cinnamon note. The coffee note on the finish becomes stronger and the bitterness slightly more noticeable. This note is not strong enough to cause a problem. The finish lengthens slightly as well.

As the cigar winds down it heats up considerably. The bitter is slowly taking over and a burn “to the burn” probably wont happen.

I set it down once it got too bitter. It is still a nub, but I didn’t want to keep smoking it until my fingers burnt.
Burn time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Burn: 10
Draw: 9
Taste: 9
Aftertaste: 8
Construction: 8
Balance: 9
Feel: 9
Overall: 8.9

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  1. Sounds interesting, id like to try. .

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