Victor Sinclair Series 55 Maduro


3-27-07 been in humi since 10-20-06


Victor Sinclair Series 55 Maduro

Toro 6 x 50

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Brazil

Filler: Dominican Piloto, Nicaraguan, Brazil, Cameroon



This cigar boasts a 5 country blend that has been aged 5 years. (hence: “5,5”)



Pulling the cigar out of my humi I notice that it is one of the darkest Cigars in there. It is very firm to the touch and has an almost lumpy texture. The smell is surprisingly light. IT has an earthy pre-light smell and the draw reminds me of a chocolate cream.


The cigar opens with a smooth coffee and subtle caramel taste. There is a bit of spice on the palate that fades quickly. The aroma has the same hint of sweet to it. This is one good smelling cigar.


It holds a good ash. When I went to knock off some of the ash I was met with some resistance. The burn isn’t perfect but it isn’t all that bad.


After a few inches the flavor shifted to a more earthy and woody flavor. The sweetness faded some. Later in the stick I had to have a corrective light or two.


All in all I would say this is a fairly medium bodied cigar with a good wood taste and some coffee tones. The light spice keeps it interesting. The best part of this cigar though was the way it smells.


Burn: 8

Draw: 8

Taste: 8

Aftertaste: 8

Construction: 9

Appearance: 8

Overall feel: 9


Overall: 8.3



~ by kuzi16 on January 20, 2012.

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