Macanudo Vintage 1997

10-6-06 been in humi since 8-30-06

Macanudo Vintage 1997 no.3, 5.9 x 4

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade Vintage Selection 1997
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic, Mexico



Pre-light smell is very light and smells of hey. Uncut taste is slightly bitter in a nutty sort of way. Cut with a punch. Nutty unlit draw.

First few puffs are light and mildly sweet with a bitter aftertaste that fades fast.

Fist ash at almost an inch. Taste is sweet and nutty with a shot of spice on the finish. All of this is very light and I find myself drawing on it more to try and get more flavor. The burn is even. The bitter aftertaste is so light that is it almost non existent.


Half way point: the cigar has settled to a very mild flavor; a bit nutty but almost too light to tell. The only real taste is a shot of spice. Nothing else jumps out and the draw is a bit hard.


Last two inches start to burn hot and brings along a cedar smell. Still little taste.

The last few puffs are a hotter version of the above. I’m unimpressed, but the burn was perfect.


Burn time 1h 10min



Burn: 10

Draw: 7

Appearance: 9

Taste: 7

Aftertaste: 7

Construction: 9


Overall: 8.2



~ by kuzi16 on January 20, 2012.

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