Gurkha Regent Nepalese Warrior

10-5-05 been in humi since 9-7-06

Gurkha Regent Nepalese Warrior Toro 6 x 50 box pressed

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan Ligero



Pre-light smell is woody and sweet. The taste before the cut is leathery and peppery. Cut with a punch. Draw is good with hints of cinnamon.

First few puffs are earthy and light. The spice is a bit on the cinnamon side.


First ash fell after about 1 ½ inches. The flavor is medium. It is sweet and earthy initially and fades to cinnamon. The cinnamon reminds me of the old atomic fireballs I used to have as a kid, just more mild. This fades to leather. Not a very even burn but no corrective lights have been needed.


At the half way point it is still earthy. The spice comes and goes. Any sweet that I detect reminds me of a light raisin. The taste is very light but if the smoke is held it builds fast. The after taste is very leather. However this cigar is more flat than I would have expected. It’s burning fast.


Last two inches: cinnamon is building again. Leather after taste. A corrective light is now needed. There is a touch of bitter but it isn’t a big deal.

The last few puffs are warmer and more pepper than cinnamon.


Burn time 1h 15 min


This cigar is not as well rounded as the original regent. It is not as smooth and not as dynamic. It’s more bitter. It’s not that the original was sweet, just that this one had a touch of bitter. The Nepalese warrior has a more woody taste and aroma than the regent and that is very pleasant.



Burn: 8

Draw: 10

Appearance: 10

Taste: 8

Aftertaste: 8

Construction: 10


Overall: 9.0



~ by kuzi16 on January 20, 2012.

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