Fonseca Habana Seleccion


8-8-07 been in humi since 7-19-07

Fonseca Habana Seleccion

Inrictos (6×50)

Wrapper: Cuban Criollo 98 seed Nicaraguan Gown

Binder: Cuban seed Nicaraguan grown.

Filler: Cuban seed Dominican grown Seco & Ligero


The first thing I notice about this cigar is that it has a velvety feel to it. It is also quite firm. The smell is light but the cap has a creamy spicy to it. The draw is the same but on a more coco scale.


The smoke initially has a robust taste to it that consists of what I would best describe as “dry” cola. It’s almost like a coke but not sweet. The aftertaste is a bit cinnamon but strangely without the heat. There is also a nutty taste on the finish that is slightly reminiscent of pecans.

As the cigar develops the spiciness opens up. The cola fades a bit and the nutty/pecan comes out more.


I am finding that this is a full body cigar with a medium amount of flavor. It isn’t the strongest cigar ever but it does pack a punch.


The burn is very uneven. The youth of this cigar (only in my humi for 3-4 weeks) may contribute to this as well as the RH. While smoking the outside humidity was 84% and storms were predicted for later.


Burn: 6

Draw: 9

Taste: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 8

Appearance: 8

Feel: 8


Overall: 8.2


~ by kuzi16 on January 20, 2012.

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