El Cobre (take two)


5-3-07 been in humi since 9-21-06

El Cobre Torpedo (6.5 x 52

Wrapper: Maduro from Connecticut, USA
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua




This is the second time this cigar has been reviewed. I did not look back and read my review from about 6 or 7 months ago. I want to see what has changed after almost 7 months of rest. I have a few more of these in the humidor, and every now and then, I will take one out to see what age has done to them.


The wrapper is firm and has a slight sand paper feel. The oils give it a good sheen.

The clip was hard on this torp, but the draw was good and had a chocolaty note to it. I keep getting a “crystalline” feeling in my mouth. It’s like very small bits of sand in my mouth.


The first Flavor I get out of this is coffee. Only a few puffs in yet the strength is notable. There is a faint sweetness with maybe a chocolate feel. The finish has two flavors. There is a slight nuttiness but there is also a light harshness in the back of the mouth. It has not got to the point of being unpleasant but if there was more it would be.


As the El Cobre settles from the light the harshness dissipates. The flavor softens, but the power remains. It’s a great mix of dark chocolate, coffee, and nuts. The burn, to this point is flawless. The finish doesn’t last to long and it is quite pleasant. Full flavor goodness.

The ash looks clean. It is far whiter than any other ashes in the ashtray. It’s also longer.


The El Cobre burns exceptionally slow and very cool. The roundness and fullness are exquisite. No bitter, no harshness, and a finish that is just right. It is a full body cigar disguised as a mild one. It is what other full bodied cigars wish to be: not to spicy, it’s smooth, flavorful, and not overpowering. It is just very rich and flavorful.

I don’t want to put this cigar down even though I can feel the fullness.


I great roasted nut/toasty flavor develops half way through. With 6 months of rest, this is one heck of a cigar.


Burn: 10

Draw: 9

Taste: 10

Aftertaste: 9

Construction: 9

Appearance: 8

Feel: 10

Overall: 9.3



~ by kuzi16 on January 20, 2012.

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