Cusano 18 Double Connecticut


12-1-06 been in humi since 10-20-06

Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Churchill 7.2 x 50

Wrapper: Connecticut shade

Binder: Connecticut shade

Filler: Dominican Oro


Pre-light smell is light and woody. The cap looks a bit on the crumpled side. The uncut taste is creamy and tangy. Cut with a punch. Draw is very easy, almost too easy. The taste pre-fire is creamy.


First few puffs bring sweet cream. The aftertaste has a note of bitter on it. This may be my own fault due to lighting too hot. I’m not used to lighting a cigar indoors.


First ash is at ¾ of an inch. It’s starting to settle down a bit now. It tastes of slightly sweet cream followed with a light spice. All of it is fairly light. Very even burn.


Half way point. IT is building slightly in flavor. The cream taste is still there and maybe a bit of leather. It has a good earthy aftertaste that I find quite pleasant. The smoke is cool. I have always found this cigar to be quite relaxing and this one is no different. The quality of the burn contributes to this.


The last two inches are still a cool smoke. There is a slight increase on the spice. No burn issues and the flavor is still round.


Burn time 1h 35 min


This cigar is my “worry free” cigar. I know it will burn well, taste good, and be very relaxing. It isn’t the best cigar ever, not the most unique, and definitely not the strongest, but it IS consistently good. It’s like the Olive garden of cigars… not amazing but you know what you will get every time: a good solid experience.


Burn: 10

Draw: 9

Taste: 8

Aftertaste: 8

Construction: 9

Appearance: 8


Overall: 8.7




~ by kuzi16 on January 20, 2012.

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