Bolivar Churchill

10-10-06 been in humi since 9-18-06

Bolivar Churchill 7 x 49

Wrapper: Honduran grown San Augustine Ligero

Binder: Havano Medio Tiempo

Filler:  Dominican, Nicaraguan (Esteli), Nicaraguan (Ometepe)



Pre-light smell is rich and chocolaty and uncut taste is creamy. I cut with a punch. The draw tastes of a good combination of the two afore mentioned tastes. It’s a bit tight.

The first few puffs are creamy and surprisingly light. No aftertaste this early.

First ash at 1.5 inches. Now a chocolate and cream taste with coffee undertones and aftertaste. The amount of smoke is small considering the taste. Full flavor medium body. The smoke seems to have a drying effect in my mouth. Very light spice every now and then. I needed a corrective light and the wrapper has a crack in it that I did not see before. I think I caused it myself.

Half way through the spice a built a tiny bit and burnt chocolate in the main taste. The coffee is still there. The aroma is creamy coffee.

With two inches left it is sweeter with more cream that is sort of warm. And a corrective light was needed not long before.

The last few puffs are more of the same.

Burn time 1h 50 min

Not a bad smoke. I’m not a big fan of coffee but this isn’t bad. None of the bitter I usually associate with coffee is in this cigar. The cream and the chocolate taste balances out the coffee well. I have heard of people talking about a “balanced” cigar. Now I know what they mean. This isn’t the taste I usually go for but still a good smoke.

Burn: 8

Draw: 8

Appearance: 8

Taste: 8

Aftertaste: 8

Construction: 9

Overall: 8.2

I feel that this rating does not reflect my opinion accurately. My impression is that it would have been a higher rating. I may need to rethink my rating system to include the intangible impression I get from the cigar. If I include that, my new rating would be either an 8.4 or 8.5.


~ by kuzi16 on January 20, 2012.

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