Arturo Fuente OpusX


10-17-07 been in humi since 12-7-06


Arturo Fuente OpusX Perfection No. 4 (5.1 x 42)

Wrapper: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Binder: Dominican


I went into this cigar/review with much skepticism. This is my first OpusX I have smoked ever. (I have a few, but I was waiting for a good reason. A promotion is a good enough reason for me.) This cigar comes with a lot of hype. It was hard for me to find things out about this cigar (its history, what the name is since it isn’t printed on the cello) without being bombarded with how awesome it supposedly is. That being said, I went out of my way to be hyper critical about this cigar. Usually I look for the best. This time I was determined to look for the worst and give it a fair, hype-free review. In a way I had hopes of giving it a bad review just so I could say it wasn’t all it’s said to be and my tastes were better than other well known reviewers.

Yes, I’m that kind of jerk.


This cigar is cedar wrapped and then wrapped in cellophane with the words “Fuente Fuente OpusX” printed in gold running down the front of the cigar. I peeled back the tape holding the cedar and the red band (ribbon) at the foot. As I took off the cedar I am pleasantly surprised with a healthy amount of bloom.

Besides the bloom, the cigar is solid from head to foot. Not a single squishy, soft, or uneven spot over the entire cigar. The Bouquet is a bit lighter and sweeter than I expected.


When I licked the cap before the cut I get a very light hint of white pepper. Besides that, there is very little unlit/uncut taste. I cut into it with my punch. Since I usually smoke a larger ring gauge my punch cutter is almost too big. I center it the best I can and it seems to work out perfectly.


I do a draw test. The draw is perfect and has a fair amount of dark chocolate earthiness to it.


The light is quick because of the smaller ring gauge (42). From the moment it is going, it puts out a ton of smoke.


The initial taste is earthy, leathery, and chocolaty all at the same time. The aftertaste is mostly rich earth. There is a “freshness” to it. Its not the cigar tastes like it was just rolled, it’s that the flavor is of “fresh earth” not “old earth.” The finish finishes in stages. First the leather and chocolate dissipates leaving the earth behind. The earth then fades leaving a slightly peppery taste to it with a hint of leather again. Even that fades at the perfect time.


By an inch or so in a rich tastiness emerges and the aroma can only be described as “exquisite”


There is a balance to this cigar that is not often seen. Though the taste is different than the Gurkha Centurion, 5 Vegas Limitada, or any Ashton, the balance is on par with these other well loved cigars (if not better than).


In general terms, if you can think of a positive adjective to describe the flavor of a cigar then it probably describes this cigar. (Here is my short list: Full, Rich, Robust, Round, Balanced, complex, smooth, creamy, and toasty.) In short, if it’s a positive adjective about a cigar and it’s in your head, this cigar is. (Unless that adjective is “Cuban.” …Because it’s not…Cuban.)


Every now and then I get a floral note.


It burns slowly. This makes me happy, mainly because the cigar will last longer that way. This slow burn also keeps it cool. Part of the reason why it burns slow is because I am smoking slow. I’m smoking slowly because it is a full bodied cigar– not diploma strong, but strong none the less.


Speaking of the burn, it isn’t very even. It isn’t very detrimental to the overall experience, but a corrective light or two has been needed.


By about half way through, I’m getting a cedar note in the aroma and in the flavor. I’m not sure when it really started because it is subtle, but it’s very fitting. A very light orange-like taste can be noticed. It isn’t “orange” but has an impression of orange. It’s like you ate an orange an hour ago and still have that “feeling” left over. Its “impressionist orange” – and it brings out a subtle sweetness.


By the last inch or so the cigar seems to peak, tons of smoke and fullness. The full body helps to slow the smoking and still gives you that mild “cigar buzz.” It’s a light cigar buzz because of how slow the smoking goes. Also at this point the leather is the predominant flavor.


This is one complex cigar. This exceeds my expectations of what a good cigar should be.


Smoked to the nub/burn


Burn: 8

Draw: 10

Taste: 9.5

Aftertaste: 10

Construction: 9

Appearance: 10

Feel: 10 (I haven’t felt this good about a cigar in a long time—maybe ever)


Overall: 9.5



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